Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pope Francis' tweet for Pope benedict

Indeed the pope emeritus is a man of humility. He is an example for our times when men who crave for power, wealth and attention, cling on to positions as if it were a birthright, an inheritance.

May Pope Benedict's example teach us that humility is far beyond dressing simply. It takes guts to step down and leave the golden throne!

His example will SHAME people who cling on to positions of power, who think they are doing God's will, who think they are fulfilling their mandate, when in fact their only desire is to fulfill their lust and greed!

If you are looking for the humblest man, do not look at someone who dresses simply but is full of hate and pride.  Do not look for someone who always smiles and is friendly in public, but is in fact hateful and conceited, shunning the company of people he thinks are inferior than he is.

What these liberals wackos now enjoy and call as the Francis Revolution would not have happened if a humble worker in the Lord's vineyard names Benedict, did not have the courage and humility to admit that it is time to let go.

Benedict is the man of courage and humility.

Thank you Pope Francis for proclaiming that truth!

God bless our pope and our pope emeritus!

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  1. Is everyone aware the Pope Ratzinger attracted more audience in numbers to his weekly audiences more than the charismatic John Paul. We do not intend to compare the 2 since nor make one greater than the other, in fact, we admire both successors of St Peter.

    However, while he is not as charismatic and quite reclusive in character, he elicited the wisdom that it takes to feed the Sheep that Christ wanted him to feed in his term. Blessed be the Spirit of God whose works we see in Benedict!

    I for one was saddened when he resigned, because of the wisdom and intelligence he was pouring forth.

    Another huge contribution of Benedict was his quiet yet effective liturgical reform, notably his good example in celebrating the Liturgy solemnly, as well as his moto proprio Summorum Pontificum that effectively gave every Catholic the right to go for the old Rite as they wish.

    I sincerely pray that Papa Bergoglio continue this liturgical reform.