Monday, February 10, 2014

Pope Francis speaks about regaining the Sense of the Sacred in the Mass

(Vatican Radio) To rediscover the sense of the sacred, the mystery of the Real Presence of God in the Mass: that was Pope Francis’ invitation during the Eucharistic celebration this morning at Casa Santa Marta.  [Ehem.  The Pope did not say "inculturate the Mass", "Dance in the Mass", "have more laity in the sanctuary"...  No.  He said rediscover the sense of the sacred.]

The first Reading of the day speaks about the “theophany” of God in the time of Solomon the king. The Lord came down like a cloud upon the temple, which was filled with the glory of God. The Lord, the Pope said, speaks to His people in many ways: through the prophets, the priests, the Sacred Scriptures. But with the theophanies, He speaks in another way, “different from the Word: it is another presence, closer, without mediation, near. It is His presence.” This, he explained, happens in the liturgical celebration. The liturgical celebration is not a social act, a good social act; it is not a gathering of the faithful to pray together. It is something else. In the liturgy, God is present,” but it is a closer presence. In the Mass, in fact, “the presence of the Lord is real, truly real. [Not a social act, so you don't dance and do crazy social stuff!]

When we celebrate the Mass, we don’t accomplish a representation of the Last Supper: no, it is not a representation. It is something else: it is the Last Supper itself. It is to really live once more the Passion and the redeeming Death of the Lord. It is a theophany: the Lord is made present on the altar to be offered to the Father for the salvation of the world. We hear or we say, ‘But, I can’t now, I have to go to Mass, I have to go to hear Mass.’ The Mass is not ‘heard’, it is participated in, and it is a participation in this theophany, in this mystery of the presence of the Lord among us.”  [This has been the teaching of the Church since time immemorial and you wonder why all those liturgical degrees from Fr. Geny Diwa and his typical liturgical geniuses would shove down our throats anything about liturgical inculturation.  That demon "inculturation" must be exorcised and expelled once and for all.  That is used as the reason why creativities need to be done.  They reason that the Mass does not become "relevant" if the Mass is too Roman, if it is not appealing to Filipinos, then the Mass does not evangelize.  What happened when Magellan came here, huh?  Did Fr. Diwa and his kind re-write history ala Carlos Celdran?  The Mass is not for entertainment!  It is not the moment to have kids dance!  It is not the moment to make the epal EMHC take the spot!  No!  It is the same sacrifice of Calvary right before our very eyes!]

Nativity scenes, the Way of the Cross... these are representations. The Mass, on the other hand, “is a real commemoration, that is, it is a theophany: God approaches and is with us, and we participate in the mystery of the Redemption.” Unfortunately, too often we look at the clock during Mass, “counting the minute.” This, the Pope said, is not the attitude the liturgy requires of us: the liturgy is God’s time, God’s space, and we must place ourselves there, in God’s time, in God’s space, and not look at the clock”:

“The liturgy is to really enter into the mystery of God, to allow ourselves to be brought to the mystery and to be in the mystery. For example, I am sure that all of you have come here to enter into the mystery; however, someone might say: ‘Ah, I have to go to Mass at Santa Marta, because on the sight-seeing tour of Rome, each morning there is a chance to visit the Pope at Santa Marta: it’s a tourist stop, right?’ All of you here, we are gathered here to enter into the mystery: this is the liturgy. It is God’s time, it is God’s space, it is the cloud of God that surrounds all of us.”  [It is not the time for Chupungcan liturgists to make pasikat for themselves!]

The pope recalled that, as a child, during the preparation for First Communion, there was a song that spoke about how the altar was guarded by angels to give “a sense of the glory of God, of God’s space, of God’s time.” And when, during the practice, they brought the hosts, they told the children: “Look, these are not the ones you will receive: these count for nothing,” because they have to be consecrated. So, the Pope concluded, “to celebrate the liturgy is to have this availability to enter into the mystery of God,” to enter into His space, His time, to entrust ourselves to this mystery:

We would do well today to ask the Lord to give to each of us this ‘sense of the sacred,’ this sense that makes us understand that it is one thing to pray at home, to pray in Church, to pray the Rosary, to pray so many beautiful prayers, to make the Way of the Cross, so many beautiful things, to read the Bible... The Eucharistic celebration is something else. In the celebration we enter into the mystery of God, into that street that we cannot control: only He is the unique One, the glory, the power... He is everything. Let us ask for this grace: that the Lord would teach us to enter into the mystery of God.”


Liturgical abuse destroys the sense of the sacred in the Mass.

We make the Mass as if it were our own toy, our own laboratory, our own property that we just do what we want to do since we have the doctorate or master's degree or certificate in Liturgy, or some even just attended a seminar or two at San Carlos Seminary they think they can just do whatever they want at Mass.




And so let me show you how this Filipino priest take away the Sense of the Sacred by making the Mass as if it were his own entertainment show!

Curtains up!

The weekly liturgical abuse happens every week.  People raising their hands in that weird way.  What in the hell is that for? Have you seen Catholics in other parts of the world do that during the Mass?  Were you able to count the number of EMHCs?  Yeah.  A whole platoon!

And the dancing begins at 3:55.  Week after week after week.  Fr. Mario SOBREjuanite leads in the abuse of the Mass.  Week after week after week, they dance at the Mass.  Week after week after week, they abuse the Mass!

Now try guessing where this happened?


This is not in a Catholic church even though their performances look like the performances of the dancers of Fr. Mario SOBREjuanite.

This is the International Communion of the Episcopal Charismatic Church in their cathedral in Mandaluyong City.

They are NOT Catholic.

Maybe if the family that owns SM becomes a member of this heretical church would Fr. Sobre start dancing here no?

What do you think?

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  1. There's Something wrong on that Mass...Female Lectors and Commentators not wearing Mantillas like those in Archdiocese of Cebu plus the New Gloria with Liturgical Dance!