Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pope Francis' first consistory

If you missed the entire ceremony, you can watch it here:

Papa Benedetto was in the house!

He took off his white zuccheto when he met Papa Francesco.  :)

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  1. It really is such a joy to see Papa Benedetto XVI appearing in public, obviously to highlight the Petrine Ministry which now resides on Papa Francesco and which Papa Benedetto publicly professed his submission to the Petrine office after his renouncing of that Holy Office.

    Viva il successore di San Pietro!

    It is best too that we remind ourselves that elevation to the circle of cardinal is NOT REALLY a promotion, but an added assignment of collaborating with the Supreme Pontiff and electing his successor. In essence, the cardinal designate does not go a level up but remains a bishop inasmuch as the Pope remains a bishop upon assumption of the office of the Bishop of Rome. In this manner, the Cardinal in a way is incardinated to the Roman diocese even if he is allowed to perform his pastoral work in his local diocese.

    May the Spirit of God aid these new cardinals and all in the college to assist the Pope in directing the whole Universal Church. Amen.