Wednesday, February 5, 2014

GULP Alert: If Optimus Prime were a Catholic...

But this is not from some Transformers movie.  It is an actual Catholic church.

Fruits of Vatican II.

Modernistic art is an expression of the modernist heresy.

Plain and simple.



  1. I used to be like you, TPC. I accepted and acknowledged the Novus Ordo as valid and licit, at the same time rallying against liturgical abuses. But, at a certain point, I decided to stop attending the N.O. altogether. I think Fr. James Wathen, OSJ, summed it up well in his book "The Great Sacrilege":

    Again, some may say, you are condemning the abuses and calling them the "New Liturgy." I am saying, what can you do about it? The "New Liturgy" permits, nay, inspires and encourages the abuses with its totally untraditionalist, ridiculous "options." It is contrary to the very idea of "ritual" that it be "optional." I am saying that with the discarding of the Missale Romanum, the Pope [Paul VI] has undermined all authority, including his own, so that no one can prevent any and every form of sacrilege and impiety. By contradicting the idea that the Divine Liturgy was or can be fixed, he has taught that it cannot be: so, the "liturgy" now consists of anything any fool decides it to be. And if you think my logic not perfectly consistent, prove it! Let the bishops prove it; let them attempt to "regulate" the "New Liturgy;" let them begin to try to enforce Catholic Orthodoxy from their pulpits; let them try to tell their clergy what they may and may not do at their "mass." They have already found it impossible because the "New Liturgy" of its very nature makes it so.