Monday, January 27, 2014

Who is the blogger behind The Pinoy Catholic

Ok ok ok...

You got me.

I will reveal my name now.

I know I had to do this out of obedience to higher authorities.

And because innocent people have been dragged into the "Who is TPC? Witchhunt" I might as well, shed off the camouflage and reveal my true identity so that innocent people don't get sent to the gallows.

And I know I need to putting a face behind the blog "can" bring some credibility behind the blog.

So, if you need to...

Click here to my Facebook page and know who I really am.

Please pass this one to Carlos Celdran whom I challenged to meet me at Quaipo Mosque to repeat his Damaso stunt inside the Muslim house of prayer, and to the Freethinkers who I always challenge to a debate and to the Chupungcan Liturgists headed by Jeff Velasco of the Diocese of Cubao and to the cosplayers...

Now you can know me!

Thank you!

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