Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When a lay woman remembers to "make" the sign of the cross when praying...

Watch how the woman invoked the holy name of the Blessed Trinity at the 16:27 mark.

And sadly, a young, famous and charismatic CATHOLIC Cardinal FORGETS to make the sign of the cross or even just mention the holy name of the Blessed Trinity.



Very sad.

Maybe he doesn't want to OFFEND the people of other faiths by making the sign of the cross, no?

Because...when you express your faith, you offend other people?

That's what I heard.


  1. In this "Catholic" University I am attending, everything is about tolerance tolerance and tolerance. I remember one of my professors in Religious education (I'm glad he was replaced by a far more conservative one) taught the class that any kind of religion is good and that the bread and wine are just SYMBOLS of the body and blood of Christ.

    Live Jesus in our hearts, forever? yeah right

  2. Thanks for pointing this out!

    I totally agree: His eminence, Chito Tagle should have made the Signum Crucis to remind everyone of the presence of the One God in 3 Persons whom the Catholics worship, and NOT he IMAGE of the Sto Nino NOR the image of the black Nazarene.

    Making the Signum Crucis neither offends the religious sensitivities of those of other sects or religions present, in fact, had the good Cardinal done so, MAJORITY of those present would have followed his lead and would have signed themselves with the signum Crucis.

    Moreover, the Signum Crucis is a witness or PROFESSION of our Faith, a manifestation of our Faith in One God in 3 Divine Persons. NOTHING WRONG with professing a facet of our Apostolic Faith that is NOT explicitly mentioned in the Bible (as the Trinity) but has been bequeathed to us by Holy Mother the Church as Truth.

    Also, Cardinal Chito, PLEASE, wear your proper Clerical Collar and NOT the laymen's barong tagalog. The Protestant pastors seems to have usurped the attires proper to a cleric possessing a valid Holy Order when his eminence did NOT wear his Roman Collar or the proper Episcopal Cassock with his zuchetto. Your eminence, PLEASE lead the proper way. NAKIKI-USAP LANG PO.

  3. openfire287:

    Good Lord, have mercy on us. I came from the same school and it's sad it produces a lot of "lukewarm" Catholics or worse, anti-Catholics.

    Now that I am post-grad "somewhere along Mendiola", people who came from our school always complain on how attending the Mass (yup, we have attend mass as a class) was a waste of time. boring; they would rather sleep. This is very sad, BIG TIME :(

  4. It's very ironic since the La Salle brothers were summoned by the Archbishop of Manila to preserve the Catholicity of the people who are in danger of being indoctrinated by the Americans. Today, they're allowing non-Christian culture to seep in by abandoning the proclamation of the Truth just for the sake of tolerance.

    By the way, the Lasallian university I am attending is located somewhere within the "Karakol" Diocese.

    St. John Baptist De La Salle, Pray for us