Monday, January 13, 2014

The RH goons are at it again

Paid hack Raissa Robles is attacking the Church again, obviously Abortion money is fueling her journalistic excellence to just target the Catholic Church and never for once write anything against the Iglesia ni Cristo.

She wrote how the priests of Quiapo Church brought the revered icon of the Black Nazarene to the house of alleged pork barrel queen Janet Lim Napoles to her house while millions struggle to even touch the icon during the annual January 9 Traslacion.

If you need the real facts why the Black Nazarene is brought to Napoles, better head on over to The Monk's Hobbit and read all about it.  Excellent defense from the good doctor!

And by the way, the Black Nazarene brought to Napoles is not the actual statue, nor the replica used for the annual Traslacion.

It is a replica owned by the Napoles family. Is there something wrong to get your own image?

Funny how Raissa Robles concocts these "facts".

All because of Abortion money from pharmaceutical companies and international agencies like the UN-WHO.


  1. Funny too how some journalists just can't accept that the massive crowd during the Quiapo celebration and procession reached millions even if this gathering happens on an annual basis. They say it's only 220,000?

    I thought this was a news report, opinion pala:

  2. hi TPC. I think the link you put for the Monk's Hobbit article is redirecting to the same URL for the other one (Paul Sison's article). thanks.