Monday, January 27, 2014

Noynoy Aquino is mind-boggling!

from ABS-CBN News.


MANILA -- President Benigno Aquino III pitched anew the Reproductive Health Law, saying recent developments already call for the imposition of the measure that was halted by the Supreme Court.

“It’s happening, it’s a reality…the cybersex issue today. Is that not connected also? Two parents not able to adequately [respond to needs of their children]. Can I just say, ‘I see nothing, I will say nothing, I will not hear anything’? I couldn’t live [then] with my conscience,” he told ABS-CBN’s "Bottomline."  [Just mind-boogling!]

The Catholic church and Malacanang are at odds over the law, that was recently stopped by the Supreme Court.

The President said his mother, the late President Corazon Aquino, could have swayed the Church with a better formula to break the impasse. “With me, I tried [reaching out to the Church],” he said.

More than a week ago, a joint effort from police around the world dismantled a pedophile ring that streamed live sexual abuse of Filipino children, some as young as 6, via the Internet.

Some of the children's parents were also allegedly involved the cases.

The rescue is part of Operation Endeavour, whereby British police works alongside counterparts in the Philippines and Australia.

The Church had a different take, however, with Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo saying that Internet pornography patronage is due in part to the RH Law.

In a report from the CBCP News, Pabillo lamented the “culture of addiction,” which he blamed on the promotion of condoms, contraceptives, and the RH law itself.


Here is the logic of Noynoy Aquino.

If you allow condoms and contraceptives to be freely accessible to the public, especially the youth and the pedophiles, you stop internet pornograpy.

So then, if we legalize illegal drugs, it would minimize drug addiction.

If we legalize piracy, we would have no more pirated videos and music!

Just mind-boggling!

Did I mention that he was educated at Ateneo de Manila University?


  1. My gosh! Is President Aquino III a product of Ateneo de Manila University or of De La Salle University?

  2. I am tempted to say something disrespectful. But let me just quote Mrs. Thatcher about a similar man: "Poor dear, he has nothing between his ears."