Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The power of the cassock

The other day I shared this on my Facebook account:

I have just confirmed this. There is a grumpy bishop in Metro Manila! He does not want people to either:
a. Kiss his ring or
b. do the traditional mano.
One event was when an elderly lady took his hand to do the mano. The bishop grumpily said "Huwag na huwag mong madakma ang kamay ko!"
Easily heard by the priests and lay who are about to process for the start of the Mass.

And I got this reaction from an FB Friend, Clifford Chua. (He is that guy on the right of the bishop)
yung ganon na bishop dapat hagisin sa isang lugar na walang catolico, duun sila bagay. they do not understand that part of our being obedient is being respectful, and kissing of their ring, or making mano is a traditional way of showing respect. I was accompanying the Archbishop of Yangon [on the picture above, seated, the one on the left.  the bishop on the right is Archbishop Diosdado Talamayan] to Quiapo after his courtesy call to Card. Tagle. the moment we were outside the church people who saw him in sutanae with purple skullcap, many immediately came to kiss his ring. children and the sick were brought to him for blessing. the visit was was suppose to be 1/2 hour but was streched to 1 hour & 15 min when we return to our vehicle, he commented: "its gratifying to be a bishop of the Filipinos."

UPDATE:  December 5, 2013

Here is the actual photo of the adoring people who flocked to give their respects to the bishop

You can see Clifford in the photo again.

Hmmm..he seems to be at the right place at the right time the camera clicks, no?  :)

The bishop really had a great time, no?

Thanks for the photos Clifford!


There is this often misattributed quote from Francis and which a meme was made.

The cassock and religious habit is such a powerful tool for evangelization.  It is a powerful statement about the person's (cleric or religious) consecration to the Lord.  Which begs me to ask:  WHY ARE OUR PRIESTS TAKING OFF THEIR CASSOCKS?

This topic has been blogged here for far too long.





I can think a thousand and one reasons why most priests don't wear them anymore.

Don't ask.  It is nasty.

A friend once said "It is sad to know that some priests would want to dress like a layman, and a layman dressing up like a priest."

Now don't ask me too why some laymen would want to parade wearing the cassock or habit.

That too is nasty.

Sad state.

Right Padre?

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