Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Some scenes from my trip to Japan

Shijuku Station.  Super high tech!  :)

See the temperature when I was there?  4 degrees!!!  Brrrr!!!!

Their "LRT", super fast, super cool!  When will we have these here? 

We used some of these lockers to leave my heavy bag full of pasalubong.  Super high tech.  We used electronic key cards.  :)

 And the yummy lunch I had.  Tsukemen... ramen wherein the noodles are dipped into the sauce.  Hmmm...

I was hoping to visit Nagasaki where my dear lolo Enchong "St. Lorenzo Ruiz" witnessed the Faith.  But my trip did not cover that.

So, anywho, it was a nice trip.

Very quick.  Talked to some guys in the traditional movement...

Met some friends back in the consular days.  ;)

And got a a lot of insight into the life of the Church in Japan.

Thank you very much!

Sorry. I still cannot say the Japanese sentences you taught me.  :/

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