Monday, December 2, 2013

GULP Exam: Advent Wreaths

What's wrong with this picture?

Well, not just the "HOPE" thing hanging on the candle.

Let the discussion begin.  I'll post the answers tomorrow.


  1. The Advent wreath is suppose to be void of Christmas ornaments.

  2. Wrong colors yata yung mga candles.

    Dapat, 3 violet candles and 1 pink candle.

  3. yup, the wreath must not contain christmas decors.

  4. Advent Wreaths are customary, not mandatory in Catholic churches. That said, there is a ritual for blessing them in the Book of Blessings during the first Mass or Vespers of the Advent Season (after the Homily but before the Creed OR after the Greeting but before the Penitential Rite). The use of lighting candles on a wreath during Advent started in Northern Germanic Europe as a local custom to count down the days to Christmas. This has spread to the United States in the early 20th century in homes and churches both Protestant and Catholic (Not sure about Orthodox Churches as they start fasting in anticipation of the Nativity on November 15). Various colors are used on the Advent Wreath. There can be a set of three or four red, white, blue, violet and or one rose candles. In Rome or some Latin American countries, you will not see the Advent Wreath in most churches. The Master of Ceremonies in my church forbids lighting the Advent Wreath during liturgical services in the Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin). I would say the use of the Advent Wreath is a venerable custom originating from our European separated brethren (German Lutherans). With something that is customary, you have many options like the Advent Wreath above. In all, Holy Mother Church has Christianized many practices that were originally pagan or protestant. Come, Lord Jesus!