Wednesday, December 4, 2013

GULP Alert: Altar arrangement 101

"Ok, all candles to the left side, and the cross can you stay at this side. Ok.  Wonderful."

I have no idea where in the world this altar arrangement came from?!?!

Benedictine altar arrangement gone awfully wrong.

Is the cross getting in the way of the beautiful view of the priest's handsome face, Your Fluffiness?

Arrangements such as these communicate one thing.

"The crucifix is such a distraction! Put it to the side!"

Priestly narcissism is eating us all up!

I wonder.

In your family shrine, do you put the cross to the side of your altar/shrine or at the center?

When did you see the Queen of England sit on the side chair or her throne not on the center of the throne room?

Really head scratching moment here.

I bet the guys at Campus Ministry or those nosy nuns who got their seminar from a Chupungcan liturgist definitely has some hand in this one.


  1. Have they learned their lesson in art class named BALANCE, or they have skipped their Values Education Class during the time the teacher discussed HUMILITY, or they are not properly trained in SACRED LITURGY?

  2. This picture was taken three years ago. The altar was arranged by the Sacristan Mayor who is a former seminarian. I think your blog is not that known three years ago TPC? I'm sorry about the abuse. We all learn from our own mistakes. I'm the MC on that mass but with due respect to the Sacristan Mayor I didn't bother to argue with him, because we are not at good terms always. :D I guess this arrangement was not use anymore because he had been replaced. :)