Sunday, December 29, 2013

CDF Prefect turns down giving more powers to National Episcopal Conferences

Vatican (Catholic news / CF / The prefect of the Vatican congregation, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, has turned strongly against decentralizing the Church on the level of the national bishop conferences. "The Catholic Church is made up of local churches, but it is one," said the Prefect for the Italian daily newspaper "Corriere della sera": "There are no 'national' churches." - The Presidents of the Episcopal Conferences are "coordinators, not vice-popes" stressed the Vatican defender of the Faith. While the papacy and the office of bishop have "divine right", the Patriarchs and Bishops' Conferences to facilitate work according to "human rights". Of course, these conferences also have doctrinal authority in certain areas, for instance when preparing local catechisms, liturgical books or the management of universities and Catholic schools: "The Pope can not know everything that happens in the individual countries," said Archbishop Müller. One must "find a practical balance." Pope Francis had recently announced in his letter "Evangelii Gaudium" considering more powers for national Bishops' Conferences. '


Here is the source.

Some observations:

1.  The archbishop mentioned that it is the National Conferences' job to prepare local catechisms, liturgical books or the management of universities and Catholic schools.  Local catechisms and liturgical books are already being done.  Catholic schools and universities are poorly managed by the CBCP.  Example:  Ateneo!

2.  Liturgical books have been under the watchful eyes of Chupungcan liturgists but what Diwa wants to do is to make the Misa ng Bayang Pilipino aka Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino, the original name that the late Fr. Chupungco gave to his invented Mass, legitimate by making the illegal rite practiced everywhere so as to give it legitimacy, like what happened to Communion in the Hand.

3.  Fr. Diwa is racing against time to spread the liturgical abberation that is the MSP and has been pushing dioceses to celebrate it.  Fortunately, bishops know for a fact that they are the BISHOPs of their dioceses and not mere sounding boards of the academically invented MSP.  One archbishop even told me that Fr. Diwa acts as he is the "super pope of liturgy in the Philippines"  "Napakayabang!" the archbishop said.

So with this development, we can count more years how these proposals of Pope Francis to give more power to Bishop's Conferences will take shape.

In the meantime...

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