Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Buon Natale!'

The two popes meeting before Christmas.

You can hear in the video both of the holy men greeting each other "Merry Christmas".

The Pope Emeritus lookiing much better since the resignation.

Pope Francis asked Benedict to pray for him.

Francis responded "always, always, always."


  1. This is a very nice photo.

    "Reckon up the priests from the days that Peter sat, and in their ancestral rank, note who succeeded whom, for that is the rock over which the gates of shall never prevail." - St. Augustine

    I love this quote from St. Augustine. This quote best describes the picture above.

  2. This posts said: "You can hear in the video both of the holy men greeting each other "Merry Christmas"."

    Well, we hope these 2 Bishops of Rome, the other being the emeritus, continuous their daily struggle in holiness as all men do.

    By the way, we address Popes as YOUR HOLINESS, not because they already have completed and succeeded their earthly struggle in personal sanctification through the means Christ provided for through his Church, but because a Pope occupies a HOLY OFFICE that was established and instituted by no less than the very founder of the Church. Hence he seats on a Holy Chair or Santa Sede, hence the English monicker HOLY SEE.

    Let us pray for these 2 bishops that they may continue to proclaim the Word become Flesh into the world that is being slowly groped by relativism.