Monday, November 25, 2013

The INC was so proud that their chapels withstood Yolanda/Haiyan

Or did they?


  1. They forgot to ACTIVATE their invisible SHIELD during the typhoon. Lagot kayo kay Manalo!!!

    1. Well, what the priest failed to point out is that the top of most chapels are basically facades that aren't actually part of the ceiling. The real ceilings are more often than not made of concrete and rebar, just like the walls, which as you can see are still intact.

      The damages to Tanauan are mostly cosmetic, eg. glass, corrugated steel. In fact, even if you strip off the entire roof facade it won't affect the structural integrity of the chapel in much the same way that going bald won't make a person's cranium weaker. Funnily enough, moisture and corrosion aside, the structure would actually become stronger because of the lesser vertical load.

      Now, contrast this to Catholic buildings that are often just a stiff breeze away from replicating a game of Jenga, if it hasn't happened already.

      But hey, let's not let facts, common sense, and the architectural sciences get in the way of desperate Catholics making faulty criticisms, amirite? :B

  2. Yeah sure... But if you used a little common sense, this particular locale in Tanauan, Leyte ONLY had its roof torn-off mainly due to debris hit from neighboring houses. It has already been repaired & renovated by the INC Church Administration as of last JUNE 2014 in order to strengthen it & expand its seating capacity. Other chapels which may have also suffered damages as far as I know were already restored to their former stature.

    Can't say the same though if the RCC was able to do the same for its damaged churches except maybe for that one in Leyte (Palo if I correctly recall) which is scheduled to be visited by their pope this coming January.