Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Holy Father proposes the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy to end the Year of Faith.

The Holy Father as pharmacist prescribes "Misericordina"!  :)

Why not?

He represents the Wounded Healer here on Earth, doesn't he?

While the Holy Father recommended those, our very own crying cleric and his liturgical minions tried ending the Year of Faith by inviting pagans to invite to a god condemned by our Faith.

Ironic no?

Year of Faith ended with a Concert of Kumbaya.


Most of the liberals who were jumping up for joy for the Pope who I heard a "Spirit of Vatican II" priest say is a "breath of fresh air to two previous pontificates who are extremely restorationist", must be gnashing their teeth right now after Pope Francis, the Spiritual Pharmacist (love that tag) recommended two devotions as great prescriptions for a great and health spiritual life.

This is what was actually given to the pilgrims by the Pope.

Thanks to this blog for the photo.

And here is the close up of the box.

A faithful shows so-called 'Misericordina', a box containing a rosary, at the end of Pope Francis' traditional appearance in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican City. The pontiff recommended the rosary as medicine that 'does good to the heart'.

Expect enterprising individuals to be making these boxes in the coming days.


Oh, speaking of enterprising, did I tell you that an enterprising youth, posing as a tertiary Dominican and as a priest and as a......whatever, sold relic cards, and as an excuse for his ruse, called them "donations".  Donations for what???

Expect something by Wednesday.  ;)

If you read my Facebook posts, you know what I mean.

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