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Pray for Edcel Lagman

This man is hastening his trip to hell!

Another headache of a news from


Besides food, water, and shelter, the Philippine government should also consider reproductive health care services as among the needs of the victims of typhoon Yolanda, a former lawmaker and health advocate said.  [What?!?!?]

Contraceptives, for one, are essential in evacuation centers, which the government should provide, according to former Albay Representative Edcel Lagman.  [This maniac is trying desperately to make us believe that contraceptives are essential medicines!  They are not!]

Lagman, one of the main authors of the Reproductive Health (RH) law, lamented that the implementation of the new law and its implementing rules and regulations (IRR) remain on hold because of a Supreme Court order.

"While the implementation of the RH Law and its IRR awaits adjudication by the High Court, the DOH (Department of Health) can make do with its general and residual health authority to address the maternal and newborn health concerns in the crisis situations as well as the contraceptive needs in the evacuation centers," he said in a statement.  [The PR group of Lagman is working, obviously being paid for by the pharmaceutical companies who would benefit the most from this law, and of course including Lagman and Garin who got the udnersecretary post in the Health Department.]

According to Lagman, the RH Law provides for the "systematic and integrated provision of reproductive health care to all citizens, prioritizing women, the poor, marginalized and those in vulnerable and crisis situations.”

"The unprecedented disaster caused by Yolanda constitutes definitely a vulnerable and crisis situation," he added.

Quoted in a newspaper report, the World Health Organization (WHO) said it expects at least 12,000 babies to be born next month in the areas hardest-hit by typhoon Yolanda based on demographic statistics in the areas.

Julie Hall, WHO country representative, said the agency is concerned about the situation because pregnant women and newborn babies are vulnerable when it comes to disasters.  [So when does the contraceptives come in here?]

Lagman said the RH law mandates the local government units and the DOH to ensure that a minumum initial service package for reproductive health, including maternal and neonatal health care kits and services as defined by the DOH, shall be given proper attention in crisis situations such as disasters and humanitarian crises.

“Temporary facilities such as evacuation centers and refugee camps shall be equipped to respond to the special needs of the following situations: normal and complicated deliveries, pregnancy complications, spread of HIV and STIs, and gender-based violence," he added.  [Delivery facilities, no problem!  I am for it.  What about the condom suggestion of the condom minded Lagman?]



I did not print the other parts of the article as it just features the useless rants of Gabriela.


Lagman is going to hell with this kind of attitude.

People are dying from disease and hunger and he thinks they need contraceptives because they still would be having sex in this terrible time!

He is just sick!

Plain sick!

What are our bishops doing against him?  He is causing public scandal and they are not doing anything against him!

He remains a Catholic and the shepherds are not doing against this wolf in sheep's clothing!

Pray for him.


  1. **************************
    The Church must help RH Bill to fly… PART 1

    People who want to put down the Catholic Church have capitalized on the RH Bill issue and are using it as a launching pad for their vicious attacks against her. They conjure the ghosts of a few Popes whose lives were less-than-exemplary. They try their darn best to reawaken from the grave the ghosts of Rizal, Damaso, and Galileo. They try hard to resurrect the Spanish Inquisitions and Heliocentric issues, and portray that our present day clergies constitute a backward thinking Church, stuck in the potholes of its obsolete tradition of ages past. They wantonly quote verses scriptures (even without appropriate exegesis) to give themselves a semblance of authority, as though Christ had instituted a Bible, and not a Church. They recklessly invoke Article 2.6 of the Philippine Constitution – the Separation of Church and State – each time the Church speaks out against the evil of our days. Lastly, they hurl back the sex scandal issues of some clergy to further demonstrate that the Church has lost its moral ascendancy. It is pathetic to note that so many Filipino Catholics seem to have lost their bearings and their sense of affiliation to the Church as their Mater et Magistra just because of these often slanderous criticisms which they have failed to evaluate thoroughly.

    In 1963, Pope John XXIII organized the original Pontifical Commission for Birth Control to assist the Holy See in preparing for an upcoming conference sponsored by the United Nations and the World Health Organization, but NOT to consider altering the Church’s ancient stand against contraceptives. It was this commission that coined the phrase "duty of responsible parenthood" but it left to the Pope the determination of licitness of the various forms of birth control. After John XXIII’s death, the expectations, propelled by alleged media leakages from members of the commission further boosted the false expectations that the new Pope will soon allow at least some contraceptives. But the late bishop of Rome, Paul VI went against the tide of strong social pressure, against the majority opinion of the curia, and even against the advice of his personal theologian. He decided against artificial birth control and issued Humanae Vitae in July 1968, preserving the ancient position of the Church from time of Clement of Alexandria and Augustine. For the rest of his remaining years in office, Paul VI suffered silently over the reactions of dissidents, some even from the ranks of his bishops. After 40 years, Benedict XVI aptly described the encyclical as "so controversial, yet so crucial for humanity's future."

    It is a fact the Church will always speak-out against evil, in season and out of season, not because her vociferous bishops love to poke their nose into State affairs, but because of the prophetic role of her clergies by virtue of their ordination. Because of this, we always hear the RH proponents invoking the Separation of Church and States to silence the Church critics of this bill. Obviously, these RH Bill proponents may have flunk their Constitution 101 because the Separation of State, as stipulated in Article 2.6 prohibits the State from favoring or discriminating against one religion over another but does not prohibit anyone from speaking out against evil, especially state-sponsored evil that they want to enact into law.

  2. **************************
    The Church must help RH Bill to fly… PART 2

    Reviving the 19th century’s intermingling of the State and the Church, when Rizal have had some unfortunate misadventures with some not-so-godly friars both in his home town and in a university, adds no further flavor to the accusations against the Church. Church detractors intend to connect that the Church as it was, and is now, and ever shall be -- as an institution of subjugation, repression, and immorality. This may sound logically true at first glance, but examining history deeper will reveal a drastic yet flawed generalization from mere specifics. Were all the friars at that time evil? If yes, then why did Rizal and his family have so many friends among the clergies? Why was Rizal so fond of the Jesuits? Why did Blessed John Paul II canonize an Augustinian Recollect whose parishioners from Las Piñas, Batangas, Cavite, and Manila would not want him to leave for his next assignment? And if indeed, the Spanish era Catholic Church was so notoriously evil like a dreaded disease, why didn’t all the Catholic indios leave the Church en masse after the 1898 Revolution as the Alipayans did? No one denies that the Church is made-up of sinners who want to take advantage of the sanctifying Grace that Christ entrusted to her. This includes those famous sinner Popes, those friars whom Rizal cited, and the few among the clergies who fell into the sex scandal pit, and yes, including you and me. Despite the membership of sinners, it does not take away from her the holy office of relaying Christ’s saving mission to the world; it does not render invalid the priesthood that were conferred to her clergies through the laying of hands and the 7 Sacraments or Mysteries, as traced from the Apostles; it does not negate the fact that Christ continually sanctifies the baptized through the Church even if the vast majority are never canonized. Even those Popes whose lives strayed from being exemplary at least did not stray in guarding and preaching the deposit of the true faith.

    Have you ever heard anyone in the media broadcasting or publishing that majority of the Catholic clergies are not involved in this scandal? Were there any reports of sex scandals in offices, schools, government, hospitals, hotels, elite clubs accorded the same degree of sensationalism as given to sex scandals by priest so as to elicit much attention, anger, and condemnation?

    So, why not the RH Bill?

    The RH Bill is founded on the wrong premise and sub-premise.

    + That the Philippines is overpopulated.
    And that overpopulation was the cause why this nation wallows in an economic quagmire.

  3. **************************
    The Church must help RH Bill to fly… PART 3

    Let’s examine these myths:

    The Philippines is overpopulated. Ask any demographic expert and they will say without blinking an eye that the land area within the archipelago is more than enough to accommodate the current volume of population at 90Million, and more… Sadly, our mass media deceives their viewers by highlighting only certain segments of society in order to show a semblance of overpopulation and its alleged economic disadvantage.

    + They erroneously equate overpopulation with crowding at urban areas, zeroing in specifically on squatter families, whose parents have failed to control their reproductive appetite, and whose families are in deep economic want.

    + By dramatizing the miserable lives of these families who cannot feed their kids enough, who cannot send them to school, and sometimes cannot give them decent clothing and shelter, the media successfully convince viewers that it was having too many kids as the root cause of their material problems.

    What our mass media either did not mention or may have overlooked was that, more than lack of contraceptives for these poor people, it was the irresponsible attitude on the parts of these couples – when they exercised their sexuality without thinking of the consequences of their actions. It is no sin to be poor, but it is a sin to be lazy and irresponsible. As humans, all our acts have a moral dimension involving our free will, our intellect, and our conscience. This also covers the sexual act and it is this that distinguishes us from rats. By broadcasting these tragic stories of families with 10, 12, 15, 18 kids, viewer are led to conclude that the country is a community of slum dwellers who cannot control their urges but cannot feed and shelter themselves, ergo it is overpopulation, and therefore poor, and hence they need contraceptives.

    But have our media people bothered to interview why those gainfully employed as janitors, as rank & files, or those in management -- who are too afraid to have (more) babies? Regardless of what religious affiliation and the birth control method they use, these people find ways on means to stave off or delay conception without fussing so much about being able to get a contraceptive or not. They find ways and means. Why? ….because coitus, being a moral human act entails responsibility. This group proves that humans can also act responsibly. Why can this group act responsibly even if many of them subsist on meager salaries?

  4. **************************
    The Church must help RH Bill to fly… PART 4

    Overpopulation is the cause of our economic travails. Is it? This argument seems to fool everyone with a logical premise that [too many headcounts is the reason why our government fails to sufficiently provide for the needs of its citizens]. There are just too many mouths for the government to feed, so let’s reduce them by controlling the birthrate. Looks logical? No! In the first place the government is no charitable institution. Although we’re having a semblance of a dole-out government these days, its real job is to manage the country and make it conducive for a good economic environment that will produce jobs, but not to distribute dole-outs and freebies. Sadly, the mendicant and dependent attitude in many of us, who hardly budge a finger to help themselves, is further encouraged by these dole-out cash reliefs from our government. Many of us think that it is not their duty to educate themselves and work for their food and shelter.

    While the Church will surely stick to its defense of natural law and morals, the proponents of the RH bill failed to present a decent argument that there is overpopulation, and that it is the cause of our economic woes. They try their best to zeroe-in merely on the Church as a bogey to be exorcised, accuse her of violating the separation of Church and State, and rehash all stereotypes of the past against her.

    If it is not overpopulation, then what causes the country’s economic failure?

    These are just too glaring, so obvious and they need no explanation, but overpopulation was never one of them:

    *** The gross mismanagement in government investments that translates to financial loss. Like any private corporation, it capitalizes on investment but never evaluates its return-on-investments. Good education is part of sound investment for its citizen but is badly wanting.

    *** The severe mis-allocation and misuse of tax-payers funds due to systemic and organized corruption and huge pork barrel allocations for lawmakers. These areas are huge gaping holes that suck our national coffers dry. (Need I explain how many lawmakers rechannel their PDAF to their pocket or how the president misused his DAP to push for the Corona impeachment and conviction, and yes, to push for the signing of the RH Law?)

    *** The lack of discipline and the lack of a sincere nationalistic spirit among its citizens. Do we ever wonder why many of us cannot follow simple traffic rules, cannot cross on proper pedestrian lanes, cannot dispose of garbage properly and throw them instead into rivers, cannot pay our taxes correctly and on time, cannot respect simple queues, cannot park our cars properly without hindering traffic flow, cannot alight at appropriate jeep and bus stops, cannot follow appointments to the exact time, cannot even respect the grammar of our national language, etc…?

    *** The mendicant and dependent attitude of so many of its citizens to the government.

  5. **************************
    The Church must help RH Bill to fly… PART 5

    While the Catholic Church vehemently goes against any artificial form of birth control, the RH Bill Proponent goes the other way to spouse its use. Their argument hangs on the premise that having more people is a liability and that artificial contraceptive is the solution. It may sound that simple – but its advocates do not mention that

    *** It erroneously assumed that men are multiplying without intellectual control over their urges – and the only way to address this is to plug their holes with artificial means.

    *** It failed to consider humans as a resource while putting more concern on the value of other material resources that they fear will be depleted once the imagined overpopulation sets in. Self preservation looks more valuable than sharing.

    *** It legislates the use of taxpayer’s money for people who do not pay their taxes.

    *** It violates the rights of parents to their children and the constitutionally assured rights of the citizens to free speech (because of the punitive clause against anyone who speaks out against it).

    *** The RH Bill assumes that man is NOT a rational animal.
    It assumes [without mentioning] that human couples cannot control and do not need to control their urges, and can engage in coitus anytime their urges tickles them. Hence, this bill presumes that humans are bereft of their intellect and are wont to think like rats that mate at the mercy of their hormones.

    *** The RH Bill does not consider the dwindling fertility rate among the developing middle class.
    By all indications, the dwindling fertility rate is a silent ticking bomb encroaching into the middle class workers, and even the lower middle class who are so engrossed in their work, even if the pay is meager. While there have been few cases of low sperm count or failure to ovulate, there is that rather unseen but exaggerated fear among the working class of failing to provide well for a bigger family, coupled with failure of getting tied-up to managing their kids. The result is that more and more professionals after marrying tend to delay child-bearing on the excuse of incapacity to provide for the time-being and to spend more time by themselves. Some altogether postpone their marriage to their 30s and beyond. This postponement sometimes makes it too late and at times too difficult for the couple to conceive by the time they have decided to have kids. The fear of being unable to provide offsets the desire of couples to have more babies. Usually, for these couples, 2 kids would be more than enough. This phenomenon is now highly visible in most developed countries such as Singapore, Japan, Canada, Germany, Poland, Greece, Italy, and Spain. In Singapore, with a small geographical area already teeming with people, its government has already pulled the panic button by giving tax incentives to couple who can have more babies. So, was it contraceptives that improved the economies of these affluent societies just because they had lesser mouths to feed? Absolutely not! It was their human resource which they have harnessed for good production and sound fiscal spending that propelled their economies. The fact that many affluent countries are now alarmed by the decreasing birthrate of its citizens – only goes to prove that human beings are the God-given resources and that limiting the number of children is NOT the solution to economic problems.

  6. **************************
    The Church must help RH Bill to fly… PART 6

    *** The RH Bill does not see the person as a resource, an asset to a society - but rather as a liability.
    Rh Bill proponents have unwittingly demoted the value of human beings in favor of the baseless fear of dwindling resources of trees, food, water, animals, fish, and real estate space. Because of these, the harbingers of doom recommend limiting the head count so that this would not be a shrinking world where each would have to fight for dear life over dwindling resources. The once upon a time [considered to be overpopulated] China – has also realized only last April 2011 that it too is now affected by this low birthrate syndrome and is now worried that it could affect its workforce a few years from now. Was it because of China's one-child policy? While we are sure that the little emperor complex that these solo kids acquired was a sad bi-product of this policy, we can only conclude that even China and Singapore now realize that human beings are resources, and not liabilities. By the way, given this demographic catastophe, China has just announced (November 14, 2013) that they may soon do away the one-child-policy). Note that in the year 2000, the Philippines' population growth rate was 2.07%, and 1.87% in 2012. In 2013, it could be 1.7%. This is an indicator that the contraceptive mentality has already set in into the minds of our earning population, not because they use any contraceptive but because they espouse the mindset that babies are liabilities and are burden to an enjoyable life, ergo, they have to have less of them.

    *** The RH Bill will use-up hard-earned taxpayers’ money without a guarantee of success for its objectives on those who are not paying their taxes.

    Was there ever measurable indicator that this move will surely work within the next coming years? As it is, many can already correctly predict that while this will surely enrich pharmaceutical companies, it also could be another avenue for corruption because it involves disbursement of huge funds without check and balance. But there is no guarantee that all the money allocated for what this bill intends to do will go ONLY for that purpose?

    While the intended target of the bill are non-taxpayers , we all know that the money that will fund the imposition by this bill will come from the hard-earned money of the working class, as automatically deducted from their salaries.

    Did anyone of those crafting this bill ever thought of donating their pork barrel for this cause? Would it not be better to allocate these funds instead to improve our health centers, to train and hire more competent teachers, and to build more schools?

  7. **************************
    The Church must help RH Bill to fly… PART 7

    The RH Bill violates the rights of citizens to free expression and the rights of parents toward their children. A provision in the bill orders compulsory sex education for children at a young age. Another provision prohibits anyone to speak against, or sow "disinformation," on the subject of reproductive health.

    For anyone speaking against this bill, it provides for penalties ranging from fine to imprisonment, or both. The Constitution guarantees the right of free expression to everyone including members of the Church, its clergies and lay members who ALSO are citizens of the State. If so, then why is there a punitive provision that virtually gags up anyone who freely expresses his/her opinion against a mere bill that has no personality?

    And what right has a bill got to impose sex education on young children outside the consent of their parents?

    Even outside the moral sphere, this bill surely has been founded on fiction and on wrong premises.

    Even without considering the objections of the Church on the sphere of natural law, there still is something quite wrong somewhere with this bill that is very unacceptable.

    As ordinary citizen, we simply want to be sure...

    + That our freedom of speech is not curtailed by another contravening law;

    + That our hard-earned tax that are automatically deducted from our salary goes to the build-up of the nation, and not by some fictitious unrealistic problems

    + That our laws and government continue to treat human beings both as rational beings and as resources and not as liabilities.

    We are just too happy that we get support from the Church to help this RH bill fly …. OUT of the window and into the trash bin!

    May the One Creator of Human Life - created after His Own Image - enlighten the minds of our Lawmkers and our President. Amen.

  8. [The PR group of Lagman is working, obviously being paid for by the "pharmaceutical companies" who would benefit the most from this law, and of course including Lagman and Garin who got the under secretary post in the Health Department.]

    *Probably an american pharmaceutical company. Since its a know fact the u.s.a. is the biggest pusher of immorality in the world. I do apologize, I know my country was a big pusher of the RH bill in the Philippines. And I apologize for the spread of the heresy of "americanism" in Holy Mother Church in the Philippines.

    Ô Marie, conçue sans péché, priez pour nous qui avons recours à vous