Monday, November 11, 2013

I was asked to stop condemning sin

I was about to post this on Facebook but I decided to post it on the blog.


For those who think exposing sins and evil like how I do it is making you uncomfortable, and you think I am not being a true Christian for calling out erring people, you are free to unfriend me.  I do not belong to the Church of Nice.


  1. are you are virtuous man? do you live life of prayer? or are you fascinated with liturgy. Goddamn this site. All attacks and hypocrisies. wow. to be a true catholic ganun ba to attack and correct very eloquently. wagas mga posts mo. magpakilala ka. tell me who you are. taga saan ka? mahilig ka traditional latin mass, noh? wow. impressive. sana ma-televise ka.

    1. Wow! Dean! Good to see you back! Me getting televised? never my dream. Was a writer, always a writer. And thank you for those kind words. Very kind words. I am sure a lot of people would want to meet you and drink beer with you sometime.