Monday, November 25, 2013

EMHCs are NOT priests

Only the ordained are allowed to bless.

But what the heck is this?!?!

Blessing of a public school in Valenzuela.

So I guess the Diocese of Kalookan is responsible for this.

An Extraordinary Minister of HOLY COMMUNION, sprinkling holy water on a classroom, he "blessed".

You may even call upon Ondoy to dump the same amount of water that killer typhoon dumped but the blessing, no matter how much holy water you sprinkle, does not come upon the place you "blessed" brother!

You are deputized by the Church to minister Holy Communion.  You are not the ordinary minister of Holy Communion, but the ordained are, like bishops, priests and deacons.  As far as the Church has it, only the ordained can dispense blessings, and to call upon God to bless objects and places according to the approved rituals of the Church.

You, my dear friend, are not authorized.  So please, for men like you, and for priests who always "deputize" EMHCs to "make" "blessings"................STOP IT!

You are fooling people to think that the place or the items "blessed" by the EMHC are actually blessed, which in fact they are not!


PS:  For the principal of this public school, and for people who got their religious articles or anything they had "blessed" by an EMHC, better have the place or the items blessed properly by a deacon or priest.

You had been had!

No blessing ever happened.


  1. not unless delegated by the parish priest.... ask the parish priest near valenzuela...