Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Vatican donates money to typhoon victims

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican on Monday announced it is donating $150,000 (112,000 euro) in emergency aid to the Philippines after Super Typhoon  “Yolanda” (international name: Haiyan) devastated entire communities and left more than 10,000 people feared dead.  [Wait for it!..............the Filipino Freefarters would really be barking mad about sending "crumbs" from the billion dollar coffers of the Church.  Yes, these brats who "help" by "liking" and "sharing" posts and by attacking the Church does their share of being "human", by sitting behind their desks in front of their computers, while they demand the Church to help.  Hey!  Why not ask Manalo?]

“Following the Haiyan Typhoon… the Holy Father has decided to send a first contribution of 150,000 dollars to help the population,” the Vatican said in a statement.

The aid “will be distributed through the local Church in the areas worst hit by the tragedy” and will be “used to support aid operations for displaced people,” it added.  [And the good will be distributed to those who are affected, not based on religion, like what the Iglesia ni Cristo is doing.  Good job INC!  Show your true colors more!  That is the best way to de-proselytize!]

The donation is intended as “a concrete expression of the pontiff’s spiritual closeness and paternal support for the people and territories devastated by the floods,” it said.  [While the Manalos spend their time counting the money they will lose from the suspended church services in that part of the country.  You know they will still get back at those members.  They'll count the days of worship suspended and collect the arrears in the tithes and "alay" of their poor members.]

Pope Francis led 60,000 people in Sunday prayers for the Philippines, urging the faithful to provide “concrete help” to the largely Roman Catholic country.

I ask all of you to join me in prayer for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda especially those in the beloved islands of the Philippines,” he tweeted on Saturday.


How about the Iglesia of the Manalos?

They boast of their medical mission right?

Now is the PERFECT time to do so.

No money sent, yet huh.

No doors opening for the survivors, no?

No medical mission going to Tacloban, no?

Guess they have very few INM members in Tacloban so they do not need to send a lot to help their own kind no?

So we know now who is really plain, and no frills HUMAN between the two churches, no?

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  1. $150K from the Vatican Church? What is wrong with this picture? Wake up people!