Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Altar serving promotes vocations to the priesthood

That is WHY we have GIRLS serving in our altars like this so in the FUTURE we can have WOMEN PRIESTS!


"But TPC.  This is an all girl's school!"

Yeah, right!  Like the old all girls school of yesteryears did not get boys to serve at their Mass, no?

Like having girls serve at Mass would inspire them to become nuns, no?

And they will begin protesting like this, no?  Maybe.

So that when they become nuns, they start asking why they are not in the altar....why are they in the margins, JUST teaching in our schools, JUST caring for the sick, JUST writing and selling books, JUST about anything except celebrating the Mass.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said:

"Nobody can be a better priest than Our Lady, and she remained only the handmaiden of the Lord."

Because empowered women today don't want to be like our Lady.  And they do not want to do what Blessed Teresa did.

Epic fail again for the Diocese of Cubao for allowing altar girls.

And what's up with the red miter?

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  1. I agree. If the reason for not having an altar boy is because the school is for girls only, then, how were they able to bring in male clerics to celebrate Mass when, i suppose, there are no men in school? What is with the double standard? If they were consistent, they should have invited female "priests" just as they employed female servers!!!