Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A call to do Works of Mercy

We usually have a novemdiales for a dead pontiff, or a dead relative, but the Filipino bishops saw it fit to declare a novemdiales for all victims of the recent calamities.


MANILA, Nov. 11, 2013—The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines declared a nationwide nine-day  prayer and charity drive from November 11 to 19 for the victims of typhoon Yolanda and the earthquake in Central Philippines, which happened a few weeks ago.

Archbishop Jose Palma, CBCP president, in a circular said all Masses and prayers for the following nine days will be offered for the dead and the grieving families they left behind.

He also encouraged dioceses and parishes to conduct a charity fund collection within the same week and have the collection transmitted as soon as possible to the bishops in the calamity stricken provinces.

About 22 out of 86 archdioceses, dioceses and apostolic vicariates in the country were affected by “Yolanda” which packed 235 kilometer per hour sustained winds and gustiness of 275 kph.

The strongest cyclone to strike the Philippines in several decades, typhoon Yolanda has left in its wake massive destruction as it battered and flattened several towns and knocked down communications lines in many provinces in Central Philippines,

As government reports of death and missing come trickling in, some news reports pegged death toll and number of missing persons could reach to thousands even in Tacloban City alone because of the massive devastation. (CBCPNews)


Call for prayers and call for alms...

All  works of mercy.

Do your part.


PS:  Black is the color of mourning.  And black as a liturgical color is NOT, I repeat, NOT forbidden by the current liturgical books.

Check your GIRM.

346. As regards the colour of sacred vestments, traditional usage should be observed,
 e) The colour black may be used, where it is the practice, in Masses for the Dead.
It has always been the practice, until some ill informed priest or liturgist forced us to use only white or purple.

Pope emeritus Benedict XVI used it before.

Any naysayers about black?

This is my response.


  1. No, Benedict XVI didn't use black vestments. This is a wishful photoshopped photo from the Benedict XVI Forum.

    1. Really? Where's your proof this was photoshoped? Show the original link

  2. 1. Pedro, see the statue of St Paul at the back of Benedict XVI? That statue is always placed on the altar during the Solemnity of Sts Peter and Paul~ that is every June 29. Obviously, the pope will not wear black vestments on that liturgical celebration.

    2. The prescribed liturgical color for that solemnity is red, right? Now, I want you to examine the edges of the pallium. See the red color? Obviously, again, that the pope is wearing red vestments at that time. It was just overlaid with black to make it like HH is wearing black vestments; Even the black color on the ophrey is just superimposed.

    3. BXVI wore this red set during the first SS Peter and Paul Solemnity of G. Marini as MC in 2008 where BXVI also used the red-crossed pallium for the first time; At that time, BXVI is still using the white throne frequently used by Paul VI (See the white-backed throne behind the pope). FYI, HH never used this red chasuble again after that.

    4. You may want to see the BXVI's photo in Fr Z's blog~ His Holiness in the original red.

    5. I have done an thorough internet search and I haven't found any other photo of the pope wearing black vestment except this edited version which you posted which you might have obtained from this page

    6. This photo is posted by forumer Benodette in the BXVI Forum on Nov 3 2008 1:49 PM. I surmised he edited a Reuters photo. However, I'll give it to you that it's not photoshopped. By the looks of it, maybe he used a lower tech bitmap editor and not Adobe Photoshop which would have given the edited photo a cleaner and more believable look.

  3. It seems the approval of the comment I wrote is taking some time.

    1. Wow! Someone really did some stake out on the blog! HA HA HA HA

    2. Yes, because we want to correct the wrong information you published.

  4. Now, since we have refuted your claim that BXVI has worn balck vestments when he really did not, I think an erratum and an apology is in order from you The Pinoy Catholic.

    May I also suggest that the blogger be not too hasty in making conclusions and claims without a thorough verification. For all we know, we are spreading false information which causes confusion among the readers of the blog.

  5. Maybe a header that says, "Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI did not use black vestments contrary to what others claim."

  6. Jed, did you find any evidence that wearing black is prohibited?

  7. The link you gave from Fr. Z is not working. As I asked, where is the original photo?

  8. I'm not saying that black vestments is prohibited. I am just agreeing with the first commenter that the photo of the pope wearing black is not authentic rather an edited version of His Holiness wearing red vestment during the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul taken in 2008.

    Again, I am strongly suggesting that The Pinoy Catholic verify thoroughly the information he is posting, be it photo or any other. We don't want the faithful to be misinformed nor do we want to use wrong information to make people agree with whatever we believe in. It's just plainly wrong.

    I don't think the burden of proof is on us. May I ask now TPC, where did you lift the aforementioned photo? We want to see also that you properly attribute the materials used your blog so we can verify the authenticity of your claims.

  9. How come my other responses are not being approved?