Saturday, October 5, 2013

St. Francis was not a liturgist, but....

He knows his liturgy, and in obedience to Holy Mother Church, he followed them, faithfully, obediently.

He did not earn any degree from the great "masters" of liturgy like Bugnini and Chupungco....but he followed what was in the liturgical books.

If he were alive today, he would be accused by Dean Laum, as a "rigid:, "rubricist", "clinging to a lost past", "Ratzingerian", "rad trad".

But what did he instruct his little brothers?

Let us try to look at it, courtesy of the great Fr. Z.

Epistola ad custodes
To all the custodians of the Friars Minor to whom this letter shall come, Brother Francis, your servant and little one in the Lord God, greetings with new signs of heaven and earth which are great and most excellent before God and are considered least of all by many religious and by other men.
I beg you more than if it were a question of myself that, when it is becoming and you will deem it convenient, you humbly beseech the clerics to venerate above all the most holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Name and written words which sanctify the body. They ought to hold the chalices, corporals, ornaments of the altar, and all that pertain to the Sacrifice as precious. And if the most holy Body of the Lord is left very poorly in any place, let It be moved by them to a precious place, according to the command of the Church and let It be carried with great veneration and administered to others with discretion. [Like Robby Okol and that EMHC who gave 5 hosts to a sick child in my upcoming blog post...]  The Names also and written words of the Lord, In whatever unclean place they may be found, let them be collected, and then they must be put in a proper place. And in every time you preach,admonish the people about penance and that no one can be saved except he that receives the most holy Body and Blood of the Lord. [Do they still do that today?  Rarely.  Don't be surprised why we as a Catholic nation, have politicians who are so numbed they still think it is not a sin to lie, cheat and steal.  Right Sen. Drilon???] And whenever It is being sacrificed by the priest on the altar and It is being carried to any place, let all the people give praise, honor, and glory to the Lord God Living and True on their bended knees. [Do you even see your priest genuflect when they enter the church?  So why be surprised that people don't even do that today!] And let His praise be announced and preached to all peoples so that at every hour and when the bells are rung [You still have bells in your church or chapel?] praise and thanks shall always be given to the Almighty God by all the people through the whole earth.
And whoever of my brothers custodians shall receive this writing, let them copy it and keep it with them and cause it to be copied for the brothers who have the office of preaching [because not all priests then can preach, and they had to get permission to preach.  And with the kind of homilies we get every Sunday Mass, ugh!  You now know why there is a need for a preaching license.  By the way, Vatican II did that.  I mean the wrong interpretation of Vatican II.]  and the care of brothers, and let them preach all those things that are contained in this writing to the end: let them know they have the blessing of the Lord God and mine. And let these be for them true and holy obedience.  [Now it is dialogue first with the superior before obedience.  And if you can't get your whims, leave!  Yeah.  I know one.  BIG EGO.  It shows, physically.]

And let us see what the great liturgist Fr. Genaro Diwa is doing.


Non metal chalice.


What do the liturgical books say?

GIRM No. 328 clearly states: "Sacred vessels are to be made from precious metal." Liturgical law, however, allows the bishops' conference to propose other esteemed materials for use in sacred vessels.

Redemptionis Sacramentum
3. Sacred Vessels
117. Sacred vessels for containing the Body and Blood of the Lord must be made in strict conformity with the norms of tradition and of the liturgical books. [cf. GIRM 327-333] The Bishops’ Conferences have the faculty to decide whether it is appropriate, once their decisions have been given the recognitio by the Apostolic See, for sacred vessels to be made of other solid materials as well. It is strictly required, however, that such materials be truly noble in the common estimation within a given region, [cf. GIRM 329,332] so that honour will be given to the Lord by their use, and all risk of diminishing the doctrine of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharistic species in the eyes of the faithful will be avoided. Reprobated, therefore, is any practice of using for the celebration of Mass common vessels, or others lacking in quality, or devoid of all artistic merit or which are mere containers, as also other vessels made from glass, earthenware, clay, or other materials that break easily. This norm is to be applied even as regards metals and other materials that easily rust or deteriorate. [cf. GIRM 329,332; Inaestimabile donum, 16] 

Did the CBCP say anything about this?  Nah.

Is ceramic an esteemed material?  Nah.

"But TPC, it is what's in the heart that is important!"

Oh, right!  I guess the Wise Men who visited the Baby Jesus told Him and His parents that it's the thought that counts...

And oh, Christ also did not mind that precious perfume was poured on Him by the repentant woman which Judas Iscariot rebuked and wondered why the money spent on that was instead given to the poor.

Yeah.  They all do care for the poor that is why instead of spending money on precious vestments and vessels for the worship of God, we give it to the poor.

Yeah, as if I am not witness to the extravagance behind the...

Wonder why Pope Francis kept on insisting about the trappings of the "courtiers".  Now, I understand.  It was staring me right in my eyes...

And this is what you get from being a liturgical expert.

You get so numbed drowning in the trappings of your degree, you forget the most basic thing, OBEDIENCE.

And we all thought we had a liturgical expert in our midst.

No wonder you have such great differences between Manila and Cebu...

Even vocations wise.

It shows.  It really shows.


  1. What Bro. Mike Velarde used to say - somewhat along the lines of: "Pano mo masasabing nasa puso mo ang Diyos, eh yung 10% lang hindi mo maibigay sa Kanya, "Ang tanong ko nama'y, matuwid bang pagnakawan ng tao ang Diyos? Hindi! Ngunit pinagnanakawan ninyo ako. Sa paanong paraan? Sa mga ikasampung bahagi AT MGA HANDOG. Isinumpa ko kayong lahat sapagkat ako'y pinagnanakawan ng buong bansa." Mal. 3:8-10

    Amen?! :)