Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Relic scammer alert!

More warnings for a relic collector who is scamming people!

Be warned!

emm sir Pedro, something else you should know about MP....besides sa pagtatago ng relics. Em, he has been "promoting" the canonization of Blessed Ma. Teresa of St.Joseph, by "veneration" and distributing holy cards and information about her (take note the holy cards have relics in them and he recieved the materials from the Sisters in the Netherlands without cost at all), however...recently there have been complaints sent to the Sisters in the Netherlands saying M___ P___ has been charging people for veneration of relics, and for the holy cards of Blessed Mother Teresa, he charged 200 pesos for each card. 
He tried to sell a relic card of Blessed James Alberione to a patient in San Juan de Dios Hospital.   For 100-300

Do we have an idea why this guy caused so much a controversy in the Church?  Why he taught of making a a new religion while constipating in his toilet?

Postulators of these blesseds must be warned.

The name of this scammer must be sent immediately to the Archdiocese of Manila who has jurisdiction over MP.  And his parish priest must be warned.

Anyone who would like to volunteer to email the postulators of all those who he contacted?

This guy doesn't know that he is committing a terrible sin of SIMONY.

The cardinal prefect for the Causes of Saints already spoke up against it.

And I have blogged about it too.

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