Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nice Gospel for today

I heard Mass at Don Bosco Makati today and especially liked the Gospel for today.

The Gospel is about the mustard seed and the leaven as likened by Christ to the Kingdom of God.

I know I have rubbed people the wrong way, and I know that I had been too harsh in how I said my piece of mind.

Sorry, if I hurt people.

But the truth can sometimes hurt, and I am one old guy who will never ever be a member of the Church of Nice.

Though how insignificant I may be, though how small like a mustard seed the blog is, I am consoled that my work generates the debate that it intended to start.

Priests are talking.  Lay people are asking. The Chancery is now wondering.

That is all that matters.

I am not the mustard seed or the leaven in the Gospel.

I do not claim it.

I'd let the readers of the blog see for themselves if my work has made the dough rise, or if the seed I have sown has grown and the birds of the trees rest upon its branches.

It is you, dear readers, who tell me to "Go on!" "Don't close the blog!"  "I have been enriched with what you wrote."

It is only you then, who'd tell me if it is about time to stop.


My health is failing me and I am not getting any younger.

I suffered what was diagnosed as a mild stroke and I will be resting for a while.

Thank God that I have other bloggers who would be contributing to the blog.

They will be helping out.

Are they priests?  Seminarians?  Laity?


In the meantime.......

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