Saturday, October 5, 2013

New sign to be installed at Catholic Churches in the Philippines???

So that priests would not use the lame excuse of "Purihin natin ang Panginoon!" or "Palakpakan natin ang Panginoon!" or "Praise the Lord" just to get the people to clap at their lousy and boring homilies, or find an excuse to cheer the poor girls who just danced at the singing of the Gloria.

Yeah, the oldies do that every Sunday at the Mass of Fr. Mario "Swswswswshhh" SOBREjuanite, SSP at Megamall.

And I guess this sign would just go on every time Mass is over.

Boy, are the people so happy that Mass is over they'd rather clap their hands rather than pray the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel and leave the church in silence.

Anywho, has your parish even started praying the Prayer to St. Michael every end of the Mass?

I guess not!


  1. I really am wondering why some priests have imbibed the nasty practice
    In the introductory rite, after the DOMINUS VOBISCUM, Et cum Spritu tuo, these priests has to say: "Good Morning!" and if not satisfied with the sleepy response will repeat a bit louder: "GOOD MORNING!" - I still have to see where I can find in the original text of the Novus Ordo Missae where the priest says: "Salve" or "Dies Bonus sit semper vobiscum!"

    Or another variation: "Batiin ninyo ang katabi niyo ng [Mahal ka ng Dios!"

    All the more actuations like this disrupts the solemn sacral atmosphere that has been entoned in the entrance antiphon or hymn, and here comes these priests using an already oft repeated way of waking up his congregation by rousing them to communicate with their seatmates instead of communing with God.

    Even the OFFERTE VOBIS PACEM is a solemn invitation but not to the point of disrupting the liturgy.

    And again, simply as a tool to rouse-up the sleepiness of the crowd to their poorly prepared homily, these priests would resort to the evangelical pastors' way of eliciting the congregations approval with their hortatory AMEN (eimennnn)? --- in the first place the homily is a homily by the priest and the priest alone and does not require an audience participation. And is to further more noise to wake-up the congregation, here they come with the usual: "Palakpakan natin ang Panginoon!!!"It makes me wonder why so many priests are able to deliver their homily without resulting to these antics or cracking so many jokes within the homily.

    Unknown to many, things like this makes the congregation become numb to the sacred place he is in and to the sacred liturgy he is attending. Kung yung pari mismo and sisira sa banal na katahimikan, eh bakit pa tayo aasa na igagalang ng mga laicong Katolico ang kabanalan sa loob ng Simbahan?


  2. Catholic's continue to lost solemnity of its church rites since Vatican II...

  3. Modernists.....STOP! Just stop making fun of my church!
    -Jesus Christ