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Marian Miracle in Cebu? Filipino Freethinkers expertise AGAIN needed


CEBU, Philippines - Hundreds of devotees flocked to the St. Augustine Parish in Poblacion, Alcantara, a town in southern Cebu, after the image of the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary reportedly moved its head to the right, facing Bohol.  [See the photos above.]

Alcantara resident Bebe Quiroga, 63, who is a member of the Parish Pastoral Council-Worship Committee, [ugh....] told The FREEMAN that they were amazed upon seeing the head of the image of the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, which originally was facing front, [as all images do] face to the right, in the direction of where Bohol is. Quiroga said they tried moving the head back to its original position but could not do so.  [Some moved the head?  But they "cannot".  It was stuck or what?  What is the image made of?  Did they make a switcheroo?]  

The image of the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary was placed in front of the altar of the church because it is the Rosary Month and residents would pray the Rosary every dawn and at 6 in the evening.

Residents immediately linked what they called a “miracle” to the earthquake that hit Cebu and Bohol last October 15, which killed over a hundred and destroyed buildings, mostly decades-old churches in Bohol.

Quiroga believes the “miracle” is Mother Mary’s message to Filipinos to have faith and believe in God.

“Wala gyud matay-og ang imahen though gibutang ra kini sa lamesa during sa linog last week,” she said, adding she expects more devotees to visit their church.  [What now?  Sorry I can't understand that.  Anyone care to translate this for me?  I think she meant the image did not fall though it was placed on a table during the quake.  Am I right?]

Parish Youth Coordinating Council (PYCC) president Russell Guardina, 21, said that it is not the first time that they noticed the head of the statue of the Virgin Mother move its head.

The head of the statue first moved last October 15, during the earthquake but the following day it went back to normal and the second time was this morning (yesterday),” she said.  [The parish priest did it!  The parish priest did it!!!]

Guardiana’s statement was corroborated by Samantha Delarita, 19, the PYCC secretary.

Delarita told The FREEMAN that parish priest Fr. Peter Monteron, who is out of the town for a recollection, was already informed about what happened.  [Oh....he did not do it.  Sorry Freethinkers.  Next suspect!!!]

Cebu Archdiocese Episcopal Vicar Msgr. Esteban Binghay, when told of the reported “miracle” said people should “remain objective.”

In a phone interview with The Freeman yesterday, Binghay said the archdiocese is still waiting for the details about the alleged “miracle” from the parish priest, adding that it is the parish priest’s responsibility to make initial investigations about such occurrences.  [Will a statement come out?  ABANGAN!...ang susunod na Teletubbie na eeksena.]

SPO1 Jared Llenos and PO1 Madrid Aparre said that early yesterday their station received a call from Alcantara Vice Mayor Beatrice Caburnay requesting for police assistance at the church.

“Among nakita nga samok kaayo og nag-iyahay og unhanay para makagakos og makaduol sa birhen. Amo dayon silang gipalinya para malikayan ang kasamok tungod kay nag abot-abot naman ang mga tawo,” Aparre said.  [I think she meant, it's so chaotic, it's like talking to Teletubbie, asking Google Liturgist about Liturgy, and trying to decipher the English of the War Freak Eastern Hierarch.........and trying to make sense out of what the Filipino Freethinkers are talking about....and making sense out of what Fr. Genaro Diwa teaches about Liturgy.....and trying to find meaning behind the teardrops....and....I better stop.]

Elizabeth Tabanaw, a resident of the nearby town of Moalboal, said that upon hearing the news of the “miracle”, she, together with her relatives and her baby, went to the St. Augustine Parish to check if the news was true and at the same time, to pray.

“Mga around 1:00 p.m. mi naabot taas kaayo ang linya naabot na sa gawas sa church unya 3:00 p.m. na wala pa gyud mi maabot sa birhen,” she said, adding the movement of the head of the statue was indeed a miracle.

Fr. Herardo dela Victoria of Ginatilan said he also went to the church upon hearing the news.

When asked if the movement was a miracle, he said this is still subject for investigation. However, he added that personally, he thinks that the movement is a message for Catholics, reminding them of the Holy Mother’s mandate.

Msgr. Binghay said it is understandable for people to think that the alleged movement of the image was a miracle because of the disaster that recently hit Cebu and Bohol. He added that this may be taken as a “subjected perception” caused by the fear of the people of the recent disaster, especially with the continuing aftershocks. 

But Binghay said that if the reported “miracle” is true, it would be a wonderful sign. For now, however, Binghay said there is a process that needs to be followed and people need to be objective while waiting for the report of the parish priest.

The St. Augustine Parish acquired the image of the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in the 1980s. — with AJ de la Torre/QSB (FREEMAN)


Determining miracles follow a rigid process in the Church.

Compare that with the reported miracles of healing that usually happen during charismatic and evangelical prayer meetings like that from Eddie Villanueva and Wilde Almeda....IMIN end IMIN....

Yeah he speaks like that.  That's Amen and Amen.  Maybe African twin saints.  I don't know.


While Filipino Freethinkers, bunch of brats who'd blame all the bad things that happened to them and all around the world to the God who did not heed their prayers, or what they actually meant was the God who does not follow their bratty and bitchy whiny wishes, are all dismayed that a major disaster that hit Cebu and Bohol, and destroyed the historical churches and cost lots of human lives cannot even dampen the faith of the Boholanos and Cebuanos.

Maybe they need more load for their broadband for them to continue their attacks against the Catholic Church.

No surprise there.  RH was made into a law and their financial sources have stopped sending them money.

Now that is their god!

Made of elastic, no reusable rubber!

PS:  To the Boholanos out there.  Watch out for Teletubbie. He'd pose near that statue.  Wear a veil and imitate the pose of the Virgin....then he'd post it on Facebook.

My advice.  Find the nearest sink hole and..................

Report it to Phivolcs.

You ha!

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  1. Yung words na "WALA GYUD MATAY-OG" means "hindi naalog" "never shaken". While some of the modern buildings here in Cebu City were partially damaged, Mama Mary's statue in Alcantara was not even damaged, ni hindi man lang nahulog. To think that Alcantara is in the southern part of Cebu province, mas malapit pa nga sila sa Bohol kesa sa Cebu City.

    At doon sa mga nagsasabi na ang earthquake DAW was God's punishment to those who worship idols "DAW", may explanation yan. Kung ang templo ng INC na isang MODERN structure dito sa Cebu City ay nabalian ng sungay, how much more yung mga centuries-old churches sa Bohol na gawa lang sa eggwhite, at coral stones na pinagpapatong-patong lang dahil WALA pang steel bars at cement noon. Anong panama nyan sa isang 7.2 earthquake, eh yung Hall of Justice building nga dito sa Cebu na isang modern structure was partially damaged yun pa kayang mga simbahan Sa Bohol na mas matanda pa kaysa INC,?

    See? may simple explanation, hindi na kailangan pa ng scientific explanation, COMMON SENSE ang kailangan. kaya lang hindi nila ginagamit ang mga utak nila,