Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In the name of freedom...

And I guess some priests would even call this the primacy of conscience, no?

Read this disturbing article where a Swedish court allows public masturbation, with caveat long as you are not directing "it" towards others!

So what's next?

Public sex since the two people doing it are not directing it towards other people?

This is what happens when we lose the sense of civility of what is sacred.

When what we care about is just our own rights!

What is happening to the world?

Pray and fast!

The message of our Lady of Fatima rings more importantly now more than ever!


  1. makes me laugh and cry at the same time. it's so absurd i can hardly believe it to be a real law! hahahuhuhu...

  2. It's okay to masturbate in public if you are a DOG.

    My goodness! Some humans now are acting like DOGS, they are going down to the level of animals. :(