Tuesday, October 1, 2013

GULP Alert: TPC Heckler at it again

It looks like this blog post really struck a sensitive chord, no?

And here is the tirade from a certain Dean Laum of the Archdiocese of Manila.  He actually deleted some of his comments and I will post them all here.

MR. AUTHOR, I think you should study at a Theological seminary or school. Or take a long-term study. Dumb and stupid article !!!!
Who are you? What is your diocese? Who are your formators? What seminary do you come from? To what liturgical commission do you belong?
Your stupidity and pride is overarching. Pinag-uusapan ka na ng liturgists at mga pari at servers sa simbahan. Sumusobra ka na. This is too much!
Okay. I will present this article to CBCP, Manila Archdiocesan Lit Office etc.
You're liturgically CORRECT but you lack virtue of humility. Puro ka heavenly gaze with no pastoral sense. nonsense stupid rigid interpretation of norms  

The last one, the underlined one, is the latest of his post.  He hasn't given me anything to prove he has shown it to Frs. Genaro O. Diwa, Godwin Taltlonghari, Reginald R. Malicdem.

Well, let's dissect his latest comment.

He admits that I am liturgically correct.  Well, I know I am.  Thank you.

Next, he thinks it is a "stupid rigid interpretation of norms".

Is it too rigid?

So what about these?

Liturgical norms are not open to the whims and caprices which we call "expert interpretations" of liturgical experts.

Since when did the camisa became a dignified liturgical garb?

Since when was the G-String even became dignifed for liturgical worship?

If laws are meant to be interpreted by anyone at the parish level, then we end up with a Mass that is different on every parish. 

If we are to talk about what is pastorally sensitive, we need to listen at how ordinary Mass goers are scandalized to see these kinds of stunts done at every Mass.

Have our priests heard how most of our people prefer to see their altar servers wearing a cassock instead of them wearing the barong tagalog or even the camisa chino?

Do we see our altar servers wear the cassock in a wedding that they attend as a guest?  They wear the cassock only when serving the Mass.

But the barong and the camisa chino you wear for any occasion.  The cassock is worn by altar servers when serving the Mass.  Followers of this blog are very well aware that I even admonish altar servers who go around wearing the cassock.  This does not befit their status as a layman.  I even admonished "professional" altar servers who go around wearing the cassock most of the time claiming that they were "instituted" here and instituted there.

The cassock is an outward sign of a dignity that was clothed on the person wearing it.  The dignity on the altar server is to serve at the Altar of the Lord when Calvary is made present again.  That's it.  His dignity to serve starts when Mass starts and ends when Mass ends.  He is not a priest.  He is a layman.

Looking at the photo above, the camisa de chino may look formal, but it is not WORTH for the Holy Sacrifice.  It is not for the right occasion!

Should I even continue about those guys trying desperately hard to look like they are from the Cordilleras?  Guess they don't even also realize that this dance is a pagan worship dance.

Now there's liturgical dance for you.

Rule of thumb.

If it is not in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal or in Redemptionis Sacramentum, then it is a LITURGICAL ABUSE.


Angal pa?

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  1. Theological school? Just google it and you will know its an abuse..