Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fr. Lombardi tries to "spin" it again.

From the Vatican's News website


During the question and answer session, significant attention was paid to the lengthy interview published in the Tuesday edition of the Italian daily La Repubblica. Fr. Lombardi SJ explained that the text, like that of the interview published recently in La Civiltà Cattolica and America magazine (among other Jesuit reviews of affairs around the world), represents a “conversational” or “colloquial” form of communication. “It is not,” he explained, “a magisterial document.”


Yeah, we all get it.  It's not magisterial.  Just as any president would say anything, unless written and passed through parliament, it is not legal.  Just as any priest or bishop can say anything non-magisterial but controversial, double-meaning that leads to more questions than answers.

Can you dear Fr. Lombardi, at least get a hold of a copy of the interview before it gets printed and at least get a more accurate translation and if even after the translation things are still not that clear, can you ask the Holy Father to rephrase it making it clearer?

Can you, please?

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