Friday, September 20, 2013

Baclaran Church CCP scandal part 2

And if blood pressures were raised with a photograph...

Wait till you watch this!

I had to suffer so much!

Here is the thing.

Nobody goes to the CCP anymore, so the CCP went to the people.


They chose a holy place to do a secular act.

Not cool.

The National Shrine is reserved for religious matters, not secular ones.

Remember, this is the same CCP that hosted an exhibit of trash, pasted together, and called art, desecrated images of the Lord and our Lady and called freedom of expression.

Whoever is the Redemptorist who willingly collaborated in this one should get disciplined!

This is outrageous and causes serious scandal among the faithful!

Nobody, not even the ordained, care about what is sacred space and what is not!

We have lost the concept and idea and feeling for the SACRED.

No wonder even some priests don't get why the Church is against contraception and homosexual unions.

No wonder they silently promote it.

No wonder.


  1. At the root of this, of course, is the new but-now-prevalent thinking that man is the center of the liturgy. Ceremonies and worship give way to the celebration of the self. Notice how they have placed themselves in the sanctuary? Very symbolic of how they have put the "self" in place of God in the sanctuary. I cannot imagine this happening in the Extraordinary form. Somehow, this has become commonplace, even expected, in the Ordinary form.

  2. This is really so abhorrent, and unimaginable. We really have lost all sense of the Sacred within the Church and its Liturgy.