Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Pinoy Catholic is for clapping!

I might clap happily during Mass when I see even one of these happen:
  1. Commentator announces before the Mass that there will be no liturgical dancers.
  2. The people heard Gregorian chant for the entrance procession
  3. The people saw no altar girls in the procession.
  4. The altar servers were wearing white surplice over their clerical collar less black cassock instead of the barong even though they did not just come from a wedding or the camisa chino, even though they did not just come from a cultural show or the monastic alb even though they are just young boys who do not belong to the monastic order.
  5. The one carrying the Book of the Gospels is the deacon and NOT the lector.
  6. No EMHCs were in the entrance procession.
  7. Priests were not wearing chasu-albs.
  8. The organist who loves drum sets when playing the organ was late so the organist who plays the REAL organ substitutes.
  9. There are only 4 EMHCs to assist the priest for the regular Sunday Mass Attendance of 200.
  10. Any song by Hill Song or Don Moen is conspicuously absent.  Include that "I Will Sing" and "Christify".
  11. The sound system got busted in the middle of the priests homily laden with jokes and made up stories.
  12. The priest announced that there will be no Communion in the Hand allowed because there is no more SARS and the quote from St. Hippolytus was taken waaay out of context, and that Communion on the Tongue while kneeling will be the only mode of reception.
  13. The priest also announced that known Masons, Feminist and Dissenting nuns, active homosexuals, pro-contraception and pro-abortion politicians will be BANNED from receiving Holy Communion.
  14. When only bread and wine were offered during the offertory.
  15. When the priest did not deviate from the liturgical texts.
  16. There was no hand shaking during the exchange of the Sign of Peace.
  17. The upbeat and happy tuned versions of Lamb of God was replaced by a more solemn and somber tuned version.
  18. The priest announced that there will be no clapping allowed after he says "The Mass is ended."

In other words, if bishops, priests, deacons, and lay who act as lector, altar servers and  EMHC do what is expected of them, not deviating from what the liturgical books says or contemplates, then we would all be happy and worshiping God as Holy Mother Church does and wills it.

Rare moments you would really lose it and just clap and SHOUT FOR JOY!!!.....

.............after the Mass.



There are a few moments in the Liturgy that people are "allowed"  to clap.  This even happened even before the liturgical reform of Vatican II.

Name the three moments that this is allowed.


  1. Though I am altar server in the parish, I was assigned to always serve at the "satellite chapel" because EMHC's are not allowed in the entrance procession.

    Anyway, I have a question, sir: Do we have to have a permission from the bishop/parish priest for other hymns to be sang at mass? I mean for the "default" ones like "I Will Sing" and "Let there be peace on earth", no need for permission, but for hymns like "Holy God, We Praise thy Name", "God of Mercy and Compassion", the Kyrie eleison proper chanted, and the other chants, someone told me "we are in no authority to have these hymns sang, unless there is permission from the bishop"?

    To my knowledge the Gregorian chant and the hymns I mentioned have nurtured generations and generations of faithful Catholics, why the need for permission? Are they "harmful"? It seems so, for them...

    1. The guy who told you you need permission for the chants is the one that needs permission before he speaks another stupid thing. LOL!

      Seriously, tell him to read Sacrosanctum Concilium. Ask for a bet. If he can find anything that supports his claim in that document, he wins the bet.

      Lasallian, you'll win some cash in this one. ;)

      He'll be reading SC from cover to cover and he'll not find anything supporting his claim.

  2. Ordination of a Priest, Election of a New Pope?

  3. i'm not familiar with rubrics, really, so could you please state the reason for #14? honest question here and would really like to know why. and when/where would it be proper to offer things you would like to give?

    thanks TPC!

    1. The rubrics in the GIRM say:

      "The offerings are then brought forward. It is praiseworthy for the bread and wine to be presented by the faithful. They are then accepted at an appropriate place by the priest or the deacon and carried to the altar. Even though the faithful no longer bring from their own possessions the bread and wine intended for the liturgy as in the past, nevertheless the rite of carrying up the offerings still retains its force and its spiritual significance.

      It is well also that money or other gifts for the poor or for the Church, brought by the faithful or collected in the church, should be received. These are to be put in a suitable place but away from the Eucharistic table.

      The GIRM is not clear (no surprise for me) how many people should carry these gifts for the poor and for the Church. Most of the time, almost half of the pews are emptied because everyone went up to give something.

  4. Sir, just a quick question, are concelebrating priests allowed to use just their sutanas then a stole? I saw a mass that was concelebrated by two priests with just their sutanas and stoles.

    1. Mark, GIRM no. 209 states:

      The concelebrants put on in the vesting room, or other suitable place, the sacred vestments they customarily wear when celebrating Mass individually. However, should a just cause arise (e.g., a more considerable number of concelebrants or a lack of vestments), concelebrants other than the principal celebrant may omit the chasuble and simply wear the stole over the alb.

      This means either they wear the stole over the alb and under the chasuble, or just the stole over the alb, but never just the stole over the cassock or habit.

    2. Ohh. I see. That figures. Thank you! :) I wish all the parishes here stop abusing the liturgy. It's quite alarming. :(