Saturday, August 31, 2013

One of the best comments I have ever read.

This is a comment about this post.

Now here are my comments to the comments.  :)
Come to think of it, the Roman Collar is one distinguishing visible sign for a priest, for a bishop.
Too bad this is no longer the norm. [really bad, not even the indult for the Philippines which is the barong with a cross hung around the neck.  Rarely would you find priests dressed this way.] 
But it certainly is no simple external sign, but in a a way
- identifies the person is a priest or bishop [identified as a CLERIC]
- reminds the priest or bishop that he is set apart from the rest and should therefore act according to priestly decorum  [Can we hear a big "Amen" for this?]
- and deters him to act improperly and be in a place only where priests should go [Amen amen amen!!!]
- it also reminds lay people that they are talking to a priest  [Identity crisis in the Church, yes we do.  Laymen wear the clerical collar and the clerics wear the layman's collar.  Ugh!] 
Looks too simple, but its impact is great!  [It is great of an impact.]
I hope our Filipino clergy will come to their sense to return to their proper decorum.

I noticed that the younger clergy are the ones beginning to wear this way.  The hippie, 1960s clergy who are slowly fading away are those not dressing this way.

We hope that what we see on the outside is in fact a reflection on what is in the inside.

Kudos to Jose Maria de Manila for that comment. 

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  1. Hi Pedro, thanks for your praises! But honestly, I really do not deserve this. My only concern now is with our clergies who seems to be setting the trend.

    The nuns strictly wear their habits, even some religious brothers. Now WHY can't our hierarchs set the good example. Would it be okay if a nun removes her veil?

    Now we are talking here if clerics, meaning those who had the hands of the bishop imposed on their heads and recited the formula of ordination over them.

    I really am worried out of Christian Charity. This huge external sign of the Roman Collar can help a lot. Surely the mess we have in the Liturgy now is another thing.

    May the Spirit of God enlighten our Clerics to return to their Clerical Collars! Let us all pray for them.