Friday, August 2, 2013

If I were psychotic, then this guy must be...

Way of the scales folks!

He'll editorialize just about everything there is under the planet.

He may even end up being a Cardinal of the Eastern Orthodox Church of Planet Mars.  Who knows?

The boy is delusional.

So he now is an interpreter of Church documents?  Another Google liturgist?

Gee whiz!

He did not even finish 1st year in Guadalupe!


Send a note to this boy's parents before he does more harm.

People from so many churches and groups have been telling me things about him.

Yeah I saw him once, back in Divine Mercy, babbling about the Eastern Catholic Church hierarch or something.

Do comic books come with a steep prize today?

Is this the kind of youth we have nowadays, trying to be someone they are really now and trying to just dip in their noses into things they do not even know.

As I have said in my posts, I echo what Fr. Z, Taylor Marshall and Fr. Chito Dimaranan had to say about the issue about Pope Francis and the FFI.

So, I basically agreed with what they said.

And the poor boy then proceeds to editorialize things again, and proceeds to use the same ad hominem language of a blogger-priest.

See what you made out of your follower, Father?


Finish your education first Noah, before you hurt yourself.

And, fix your bloody English.  Good English is a prerequisite to getting a job even at a BPO company.

PS:  Thank you for CONTINUOUSLY following the blog.  How would you know about my stand on the issue if you are not visiting it at all.  Oh, shucks!  You flatter me too much...

UPDATE:   August 2, 2013:

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Hindi ako dapat pumapatol sa mga may sira sa ulo at yung mga kulang sa pansin na umiikot sa America para magka-pera, mamasyal at kumain lang. Mea culpa.  None of this ever again.

Last na to.

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  1. I saw him the Last Time I was in Holy Family Church. Wonder if He was accepted back or something? ;-)