Wednesday, August 14, 2013

For Monsignor Arnel Lagarejos of Antipolo

Like the poster below that the Archdiocese of Manila produced, it is nothing but COMMON SENSE and PROPER BREEDING.

Dress appropriately for the right occasion.

You don't have to be a monsignor to know that.


  1. I personally prefer an "Old school" dress code that Forbids Women to wear Pants or Shorts,but Encourages them to wear Simple Dresses or Long-Sleeved Shirts with Long Skirts. More Proper and Worthy for Holy Mass I think.

  2. It is very true that God looks and judges you on what is inside the heart. But the problem is, the willful cause of your external appearance, is that which comes out from your heart. Our moral perception is often geared to judge the inside - based on what is on the outside; since, our appearance is the natural outcome of our judgment, taste, "fashion-statement", comfort, modesty, principles, and belief, et al - but these things are to be found 'on' the inside, namely - the heart.