Saturday, August 24, 2013

Calling someone out for this sins...

Another great, no nonsense, no Mickey Mouse gloves confrontation of lazy, conformist bishops of the US from Michael Voris!


For the self-centered feel-good, pseudo-defender of the Church, who really cares nothing but his own self-loathing megalomaniac public image...

He debated me about my attitude of calling out liberal priests and bishops for their sins of commission and omission.  He said that I am sinning for publicly criticizing the bishops, because they are the successors of the apostles.

Well, I thought if Judas Iscariot were alive this self-centered feel-good, pseudo-defender of the Church, who really cares nothing but his own self-loathing megalomaniac public image, would defend Judas Iscariot and would definitely be one of those who on a Sunday shouted "Hosanna!" and on Friday shouted "Crucify him!".


There are priests like that who think that making people uncomfortable by telling them their errors is an un-Christian way to do it.

He believes in "brotherly" correction but is anything but brotherly. He is ready to spew venom upon those who would question his methods of apologetics and his attitude of SHOUTING in the Internet as if everyone, and I mean, EVERYONE, in the Internet is as dumb and stupid as some of those he debates at the Iglesia ni Manalo and Dating Daan of Fairy godmother Eli Soriano.  (By the way, this megalomaniac, chickened out of the debate with Ninang Eli's drones.)

The Vortex is one of those programs that inspires this blog to continue doing what it does.  CALLING OUT ERROR.

And yes, I can take it too if someone calls me out.

Make no mistake.

Followers of this blog are growing daily, and they contribute DAILY.


And you cannot hide the errors you commit.

We will call you out!

And for that megalomaniac bloggger...check your ego.  The real reason why you love your blog is not because of the apologetics.  It is because of the attention you are getting and the free meals and tickets that go along with it.

Aren't you troubled?

I know a lot about your whims.

Check your conscience.

What you do does a great dishonor to what you are wearing!

God really told your superiors to check on you.

And you listened instead to your ego.

Poor you...


PS:  This megalomaniac poor excuse for a blogger called Michael Voris a Rad Trad.  Mike will get that screencap.  I promise you that so this ego-tripper won't have a photosession with the famous host of the Vortex.


  1. Eh ang kipay mo naman kasi mag pointout ng errors. Ang pangit pa ng writing style mo. Buti nalang interesting yung mga rants mo. Hindi naman kasi siya insightful e. Saktong nakakainis lang.

  2. Ang coward mo pa. Ipost mo kaya tong mga 'rant' comments namin.

  3. And BTW, I think the Rad Trad blog is 100x better than yours.

  4. Commenter calls TPC a coward, but his name is "unknown". ano kaya yun.

  5. Unknown, calling someone using a pseudonym, "a coward"; is like the pot calling the kettle black. I was hoping you'd refute TPC's contentions.