Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Media finds truth about Pope Francis!

You may stick in some comments about the Pope's "vague" off the cuff comments, which media uses to pursue their liberal anti-Catholic agenda.

But the fact of the matter is this:

1.  This pope is even more popular, media-wise than Blessed John Paul II, IMHO.

2.  Pope Francis is neither too traditional nor too liberal.  Why?  Both sides don't completely like and don't like him.

3.  Pope Francis is barely a year on Peter's Chair.  Pundits are still waiting what he has for the Church.

and the best part of all...

4. LIBERALS especially those advocating women ordination, gay marriage and the wayward Jesuits like Bernas and Tabora are losing their sanity.  :)

Call me Ultramontanist, because I am.  :)

I pledge obedience to Christ's Vicar on earth and to the bishops and priests in communion with him.

I highlighted that part because most of us forget about it.


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