Monday, July 15, 2013

What is so evident in the apostolates of Chupungcan Liturgists

There is a not so old news about Pope Francis defending Summorum Pontificum from Italian bishops who expressed their dismay over the motu propio liberalizing the Traditional Latin Mass.

One salient point mentioned in one of my fave blogs, Hermeneutic of Continuity, that posted this news is the observation of Fr Tim Finigan, owner of the blog about the attitude of these bishops:

"One thing that jumps out of the story is that the bishops of this region judged that their main pastoral priority - to be communicated to the Pope on a five-yearly visit - was to attack Summorum Pontificum. Forget abortion, embryo experimentation, the push for same-sex marriage throughout Europe, the loss of faith of many Catholics and our failure in catechesis and evangelisation. No, the really big problem is a small number of priests legitimately saying the old Mass. Given what Pope Francis has said about the danger of being a self-referential Church, I can well imagine he gave them short shrift."

Quite honestly...THIS is the same attitude of Chupungcan Liturgists!

The likes of Fr. Genaro Diwa, Fr. Reginald Malicdem and all those at the Liturgy helm in the Archdiocese of Manila continue to suppress the implementation of Summorum Pontificum.

To continuously mock in their classes, in seminars, in talks the liturgical teachings and practices of Benedict XVI.

Yeah, of course they are liturgists...but they are also priests!

They owe their obedience to the Pope.  They openly defied this pope when he was still gloriously reigning!  And now that he is emeritus, they continuously mock him!

They have made it their battle cry to fight whatever it is expressed in the motu propio.

Forget the RH Law or even other issues attacking the heart of civilization and Christianity.

What is important is to destroy the teachings of Benedict XVI in the liturgy because for them is more important that contraception, homosexual marriage, divorce and other issues attacking the Church.

Their silence against these issues is deafening!

One of the legacies of the late dean of Filipino liturgist!

God have mercy on his soul!

Just as Fr. Z once blogged, "He did more harm than good."



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