Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pope Francis's "Stunners"

No not this kind of a stunner...

Read this interesting article from CNN.


The pope said what? Six stunners from Francis
By Daniel Burke, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor

(CNN) –Pope Francis has challenged his flock of 1 billion Catholics not to be “starched Christians” who chat about theology over tea.  [And who argue about rubrics over coffee...weehee!!!]

He’s been taking his own advice.

Since his election in March, Francis has delivered sharp and unscripted remarks on everything from homosexuality to atheism to his unlikely election to the seat of St. Peter. [Chair or See?]

Anyone who bet the 76-year-old Jesuit from Argentina would become Supreme Pontiff likely won a lot of dough, Francis joked on Sunday.

We’re wagering this pope’s got a few more surprises up the sleeves of his white cassock.

Meanwhile, here are six eye-openers Francis has uttered thus far.

1) There’s a “gay lobby” inside the Vatican

Meeting with Catholic leaders from his native Latin America and the Caribbean on Sunday, the pope said that there’s a lot of holy people in the Curia, Catholicism’s Rome-based bureaucracy.

But there is also a “stream of corruption,” Francis said, including a “gay lobby.”

"We need to see what we can do," he added, somewhat cryptically.

Only the pope knows exactly what he means. The Vatican has clammed up, refusing to explain.  [Lombardi clammed up, you mean.  His fellow Jesuit is a master in clamming up.  Wonder why he was even made spokesperson!]

Catholic experts [?] believe Francis was referring to a secret dossier presented to his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI that investigated a series of embarrassing leaks from Vatican insiders to Italian journalists.

The dossier referred to a Vatican network of sexually active gay clergy who might have been subject to blackmail, according to Italian reports.

2) All atheists go to heaven?

During a homily in Rome on May 22, Francis said that God redeems everyone – not just Christians, but atheists, as well.

“We must meet one another doing good,” the pope said. ‘But I don’t believe, Father, I am an atheist!’ But do good: we will meet one another there.”

So, was the pope saying that people can go to heaven, even if they don’t believe in God?

Probably not, say church experts.

Catholicism has long held that salvation is open to everyone – but with a really big caveat. If you know about the church and don’t become a member, the door to heaven is likely closed, a Catholic spokesman later clarified.  [It still is!  Remains the same!]

Many American atheists say they appreciated the olive branch from the pope, however unclear his remarks may have been.  [They appreciated that remark???  Hell!  They don't believe in Heaven!  Hell!  They don't believe in hell!  They only believe in themselves! Good grief!]

3) “I didn’t want to be pope”  [I know someone who does!  Ha!]

Meeting with Catholic students from Italy and Albania on June 7, Francis ditched his “boring” speech and instead took questions from the children.

A little redhead in a blue scarf elicited laughter by bluntly asking, “Francis, why did you want to become pope?”

“I didn’t,” Francis answered. In fact, “a person who wants to become pope doesn’t love himself. And God doesn’t bless him,” the pontiff said.  [One priest feels he can become monsignor soon or even bishop soon!  He even wears his "ring" on his right hand and not on the customary left for religious and priest.  It might not be an epsicopal ring but the ring is placed as if he were a bishop.  Wanna know who that guy is?  Well, one word:  FEELINGERO!  Mediocre theology student, got ordained to be a secretary, now throws his weight around as if he is the head honcho!  Well, if the head honcho is always in absentia, out and about gallivanting, taping, talking, still taping...what do you get?  The secretary sitting in the boss' chair!  That's the guy!]

4) Sleepy prayers

In May, the pope shared intimate details about his spiritual life with a crowd of 200,000 people gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

Every day, Francis said, he prays at an altar before he goes to bed. On occasion, the sandman arrives before the end of his prayers, the pope said.

“Sometimes I doze off, the fatigue of the day makes you fall asleep, but God understands,” Francis said.  [Who doesn't?  But do you sin because of that?  I don't think so.  Pray!  Just pray!  Better fall asleep praying than being wide awake 24 hours a day committing sin.]

5) Christians should mind their own beeswax

In some of his sharpest comments as pope, Francis criticized Christian busybodies in May.

We all chat in church,” the pope said. “As Christians we chat.  ["Batiin ninyo ang katabi ninyo ng "Good morning!"  GOOD GRIEF!!!  Father, you just greeted us, "The Lord be with you!" and you wanted us to wish everyone have a good morning???  What would be greater than wishing that the Lord be with you? Huh?!  This is just plain stupid EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY OF THE MONTH!!!  ARRRGGGHHH!!!  And after that and after the sign of peace....chaos!  Everyone is chatting!  Why?  You just shattered the sacred silence by asking everyone to greet with the simple greeting "Good morning"  Why not just use that all the time???]

“It is as if we want to put each other down,” Francis continued. “Instead of growing, one makes the other feel small while I feel great. That will not do. [Yeah, like the priest-blogger who tagged me "Secret SSPX Supporter" and the lawyer who called me "Pseudo-Catholic".  Don't worry I called the other hypocrite and the other one desperate.  Yeah, I know.  I sinned.]

Gossip, the pope said, is like honey. It tastes sweet at first, but large doses deliver stomach aches.  [No wonder the guy is fat!  Ha!]

6) Throwing food away is stealing from the poor

The first Latin American pope has made fighting poverty a top priority of his papacy. Scarcely a speech or homily ends without a mention of the homeless and disabled.

On June 5, Francis lambasted a “culture of waste” in which consumerism trumps compassion, people become just another disposable object, and little care is given to those who need help. [Watch American reality shows and see how they just throw and waste food.  And look at how some of our youth behave today with food!  Throwing a tanturm fit over fish because he wanted hotdog or Chickenjoy!  Good grief!  Other kids would scavenge in garbage sites just for food!]

This culture of waste has made us insensitive even to the waste and disposal of food, which is even more despicable when all over the world many individuals and families are suffering from hunger and malnutrition. ” Francis said.  [Mother Teresa once said "there is so much for everyone's need and not enough for everyone's greed.]

“We should all remember, however, that throwing food away is like stealing from the tables of the poor, the hungry.”


I hope these are the kind of "stunners" we'll hear from the Holy Father...

And not this one!


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