Monday, July 1, 2013

Masonry's selling point

As if Christianity does not teach that!

So makes you wonder why you still have to be a Mason other than you need some connections for your business and your career.

Masonry is Anti-religion and anti-Catholic!

Former Masons have spoken up against it.

And Catholic must join this damnable organization!


  1. This is a dangerous, misleading generalisation!

    I understand that some continental Masonic groups do preach anti-Catholic lessons but, here in England, to be a Mason you MUST believe in God, the Supreme Being and no English Masonic Ceremony preaches for any specific Faith, or against them.

    At the top of this article you have a description of the purpose of Freemasonry which an open mind would see clearly follows Christ's most repeateed exhortation, 'to love one another, even as I have loved you'.

    St Matthew, towards the end of his Gospel, quotes Our Lord, in the passage beginning 'Come, you Blessed of my Father . . .' and Christ promises that any help given to any of 'these, the least of my Brethren . . ' is given to Him.

    In England, Freemasons are the largest contributors to Charitable Causes after the National Lottery and this is only possible becausae of the GOOD work done by the Masons in England.

    Before you decide that all Freemasons are damned, check the facts! I have been a Catholic for 67 years and a Freemason for 14 of those years and I find more true Christian Love among my fellow Masons that I did, for example, as a Catenian, an organisation I quit after only a few years, due to the back-stabbing and pettiness I experienced.

    Andrew M Allies, Kent, England