Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Anything old is bad..."

No.  That was not me saying.

That is the rule of thumb of those who are against the Traditional Latin Mass.

And I have been blogging about this since day 1 of this blog.

And Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.TV has said it...again!

We have to pound on the issue to drill the message in.

Those who are against the Traditional Latin Mass often invoke the Second Vatican Council's liturgical reform as the reason why no one...and I write NO ONE should celebrate this form of the Mass even though Pope Benedict XVI explained why it is legitimate to celebrate this Mass!

And you have guys like Fr. Geny Diwa and Fr. Reginald Malicdem publicly ridiculing Pope Benedict and Summorum Pontificum as if:

1.  They are better theologians than the former pope or
2.  They are POPES!

Such is the audacity of these two priests to continue their attack on the former pope and his teachings, you wonder, are they really doing this is obedience and genuine love of the Church?

Then, they are no better than this group.

Oooooo....surprising comment from a "secret SSPX supporter" eh Fr. A?

PS:  Yes, Fr. Geny Diwa and Fr. Reginald.  You were one of those priests that Cardinal Burke was talking about!

And Fr. Malicdem...You'll never be a Socrates Villegas!

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