Wednesday, June 5, 2013

YES! We have billionaire bishops....

And billionaire priests....You know why?

Read below...

See that headline from the new anti-Catholic website?

That is not the original headline of the article.  They changed it, obviously, to make up a great story, much like the Whore of Manila called Carlos Celdran does all the time.

The original headline reads:

Dan Brown told: You became rich by fooling people

When you read the article, you cannot find one "bishop" saying anything.  Not a bishop was interviewed!

Instead, only Fr. Francis Lucas of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Social Communications was interviewed.

And look how the NEW headline was written.  Uh-huh.

Billionaire Bishop!

First, Fr. Lucas is a Fr.  intiendes?

Second, YUP he is a billionaire...along with other clerics of the Roman Catholic Church....because they shepherd billions of Catholic!

Inggit lang kayo.

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