Monday, June 3, 2013

This is how they "honor" the Blessed Sacrament!

From a Facebook reader and GULP member...

Thank you!

Keep snapping those photos...ED


Can you see "where they have taken the Lord"?

There at the right side of the altar when you can perfectly see that the beautiful retablo can house the tabernacle and even the image of the Holy Spirit.

There is still space!

Look at what is at the left side of the altar?

A niche in the retablo where the open Bible is "enthroned".


They have just equaled the presence of Christ in the written word with His Presence in the Holy Eucharist!

It's like saying...

You're blog post, or your FB wall status, or your text message, or your just as equal as to your ACTUAL PRESENCE.

That is faith in the Blessed Sacrament dear folks!

Sad to see this.  And your usual suspects?

Priests who purport to be interpreting the documents of Vatican II.

Priests who purport to give the Lord the better treatment he deserves before Vatican II, the tabernacle is "buried" in that altar of a "hodge podge" you cannot see where the tabernacle is and you cannot give Him the honor he deserves.

Like in this altar!

Yeah.  They don't like this kind of a sanctuary.

They prefer this kind.  Ugh!

Liturgists like Fr. Geny Diwa are your usual suspects for such treatment to the Blessed Sacrament.

Yes, Fr. Diwa!

We accuse you of failing in your duties!

Tell me...

How can placing the tabernacle with the Blessed Lord inside be a sign of Eucharistic adoration and devotion?

The Bible is the same as the Blessed Sacrament?  Really?

So much for the "source and summit of Christian life", eh?


  1. I now Show you the Chapel of Bukal ng Tipan Retreat House in Anti polo

  2. A few years back, in one of the seminars conducted by the ALC on Liturgical Environment at the San Carlos Seminary, I remember raising the issue on this very common practice of enthroning the Bible at one side of the sanctuary and the Tabernacle at the other side, giving the impression that the presence of God in the written word is equal to the Real Presence in the Eucharist. The question was addressed to Fr. Diwa who then deferred to Fr. Chupungco. In reply, he said that of course they cannot be equated, that only objects/furnishings intended for the liturgy should be in the sanctuary, and that it is not the right place for Bible enthronement. Instead, it should be enthroned where it can be readily accessible for the faithful to read and contemplate. Then, I pointed out why is it that right there in the SCS chapel, where future priests are expected to learn what is right and proper, the Bible and Tabernacle are situated on equal footing (each in their own niche in the sanctuary). He was slightly taken aback,then amusingly replied, "That is there precisely to show how it shouldn't be."

    1. And even if Fr. Anscar already said in that seminar that "it shouldn't be", they have not yet rectified the situation

    2. EXACTLY Fr. Jojo! That is why I mentioned that Fr. Diwa is doing a great disservice to the Church.

  3. Just like the "retablo fail" in the parish of Bagong Pag-asa.