Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lay people are lay people

We pray for one another...

Not like clerics who pray for us and bless us with outstretched arms.


They are not being sworn into office.

This is just one of those crazy things that a priest can whip up in a jiffy to bless fathers on a not-religious event, and not-a-civil event Father's Day.

Which incidentally is just another one of those marketing ideas, SM and the Ayala Malls loveeee to put out, as if they really care for fathers, other than the huge amount of ka-ching ka-ching it generates on that day.

Makes you wonder...

If it is not a religious holiday...

And it is not a civic holiday...

Why do we even have it in the church?

And why do we continue stretching out our arms?

Will we see that happen when we pray for another person during the praying of the Rosary?

Anyone care for this pose?

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