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Emancipating the Liturgy, probably the wrong way.

From Fr. Ray Blake, one of my fave priest-bloggers who writes with substance.

Not the kind who throws around blog posts starting with insults.


Is this the Per Ipsum?

Before I go any further, I am a great fan of so much of what our Holy Father has to say, especially about the poor, economics and the environment, at least in its reconstituted Vaticanese form, I am a bit uncomfortable with that cameraman that now has a permanent place on the back of the Popemobile but it has become pretty obvious that the Supreme Legislator does not consider the rubrics of the liturgy are that important, in fact it seems as if they can be ignored, or changed at will.  [Pope Benedict has stated in the past that the liturgy belongs to the Church and not to anyone, even the Pope.  Special reminder to professional liturgists who brag about getting their degrees from the Chupungcan School of Liturgical Innovation and Inculturation.]

Benedict taught the liturgy was "a given", we read the black and did the red, Francis seems to be less precise about these things, his liturgy is "emancipated", as he descibes it. [The way he described it when he was asked why he was still keeping Msgr. Guido Marini around.  Marini's is traditional while his is emancipated or in another context "liberated".] Who cares if priests are vested properly? It is obviously "emancipated" to expect concelebrants to wear chasubles, or to expect street clothes the be covered by an amice if necessary, it is emancipated to put flowers on one the corner of an altar and some candles, or are the oil lamps, on the end, with an insignificant crucifix in the middle. It is emancipated to bow rather than genuflect to the tabernacle and after the elevations. It is unemancipated to prepare a homily carefully. It is unemancipated to expect servers to vest, it is emancipated to have the dressed in work uniforms and it is emancipated to have a Bishop take the role of a Deacon.  [BAM!!!]

I want to be emancipated too. I think I might introduce a few prayers at the beginning of the Ordinary Form Mass whilst the choir are singing the Introit. I've a few different but ancient Offertory prayers I would like to introduce and I feel inclined to genuflect before and after each elevation. Now would that be "emancipated" or just plain Pelagian. or what is the other word, "Restorationist"?  [Tit for tat!  I like this!]

Obviously my emancipated choice to celebrate Mass ad apsidum is rubrical according to Missal and a valid option for any priest according to later CDW instructions, so that is not an issue, even if the Pope unlike his two immediate predecessors who chose that option for their daily Mass, chooses not to avail himself of it, but what about "ending", celebrating Mass at he North or South end of the altar, is that emancipated or just plain Protestant?

It is pretty obvious from the Pope's personal liturgical style that any Priest or Bishop can do anything they like in the Ordinary Form, or are there limits?

Balloons and dancing anyone?


And I am pretty sure that there is a priest somewhere out there who would think otherwise.  Hell, he can even blog about it, would he?

But I don't think he would do that.

This priest I had in mind does not care about what the Church really teaches about the liturgy, because for one I was totally floored to see his photos celebrating the Ordinary Form of the Mass with tons of liturgical abuse going on around him.  He obviously liked it because he commented that he liked it!  Duh.

What is surprising is that this priest also celebrates the Extraordinary Form of the Mass!

Not surprisingly, he has tons of rubrical mistakes!

Why am I not surprised?

I once learned that he just celebrates the Mass because 'some people' like it, and that he just wanted to be "faithful" to Benedict who issued Summorum Pontificum...


Quite honestly, I have to say that this priest is an example of what is going on in the liturgical universe of the Catholic Church.

This whole Team Benedict - Team Francis liturgy cheering boils down to one thing:  those belonging to both sides see what they want, what they hope for or it legitimizes their lifestyle and their theological and liturgical leanings.

So obviously, priests who love the uber simplicity and uber emancipated liturgies of Pope Francis  hate the "rubrical" and "restorationist" liturgy of Pope Benedict they consider just going with the flow when it comes to the Mass and the Sacraments.

Pope Benedict did what was done a long time ago...To continue the liturgical heritage of the Church.  You don't have to get a degree in liturgy just for this.

But what is troubling is that if the Chief legislator, legislates with his actions and goes to do stuff first before he even writes the legislation down.

Example by action rather than words, eh?

Pope Francis' speaks well on the topic of Church reform and careerism...

But how about him just saying the black and doing the red, no?

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