Friday, June 14, 2013

Carlos Celdran and his non expected!

Another classic KSP move by the Queen of all Closet Queens...

She wants us to believe, She, meaning Celdran...that the priest was so cruel not to allow another urn to be placed in an already full niche and that the old woman is considering leaving the Faith.

The only thing you should believe in this drag is that he is a drag.

Would you allow another person to sit on your chair when you are already sitting on it?

Would you allow another urn to be placed in a niche that is full to capacity?

And then she, meaning Celdran, wants you to believe that this woman who is a devotee would suddenly be shaken because the priest did not allow what she wants?

Was it really what the widow felt or was it a case of transference for this Queen of all KSP, huh?

And they call her "cultural activist".

I'd call her "poster queen for plain attention whoring and dim-wittedness."

Which leads me to this...

Why not excommunicate him?  She wanted it in the first place, no?

But first...



  1. More about this Fool's Stupidity in FB:

  2. Too bad Ms. Celdran did not get a real education. It seriously thinks that you can fit 2 cups into one actual cup. I think it could benefit from visiting it's closest elementary school and get a refresher in grade 1 math.