Tuesday, May 14, 2013

No Communion in the Hand for you sweet old lady!

When it comes to receiving Communion, most people prefer the indult rather than the norm.

Yup.  Communion in the Hand is an indult, and not a UNIVERSAL INDULT.

But when it come to the Mass, most people would like the norm rather than the indult even if this indult is UNIVERSAL.

FYI.  The liturgical discipline of receiving communion only in the tongue in Papal Masses remains in force even if the discipline was instituted by Pope Benedict XVI.  Pope Francis has not rescinded it.



  1. @Sir TPC

    Speaking of Indult?
    in wearing a white cassock for the clergy and altar servers is it a Universal Indult or just an indult for tropical countries like the Philippines?

    1. white cassock is an indult. Here in the Philippines it becomes the norm because the indult is the layman's clothes! :D