Monday, May 20, 2013

Fr. Joel Tabora is WRONG!

This genius pseudo-Catholic says that Catholicism is losing members in the Philippines.

Just as how Archbishop Oscar Cruz said that Catholicism in the Philippines is growing...

Here comes a new report from the Vatican about the number of Catholics in the whole world.

Fr. Tabora....go collect your money from condom companies!

SJ now stands for Society of Judas Iscariot!  Hot all Jesuits are members

Tabora and Bernas are members.


  1. I condemn all your attacks to our priests. If you really are Catholic you should encourage your readers to pray for this priest. This ALTER CHRISTUS.

    1. And you won't condemn pseudo Catholic Tabora's attack on the Catholic Church? Ok. That's clear. At least we know who you follow.

    2. Tabora is anything but an alter Christus! Pwe!