Thursday, May 16, 2013

Comparing Benedict XVI with Francis

This is just plain....ugh!

Thanks to Sensei for bringing this up.



1. Changed the golden throne by a wooden chair... Something more appropriate for the disciple of a carpenter.  [Jesus Christ the carpenter Jew did not use a chair.  Jews did not use chairs before.  They reclined when eating like the photo below.  That one is more accurate than the Leonardo da Vinci painting.  So this one...Stumped!]

2. Did not want the gold-embroidered red stole, Heir of the Roman Empire, nor the red chasuble...
[Red is the color of the popes and cardinals to symbolize the color of the blood of Christ and the martyrs, from which the Church was born.  The red in their garbs especially that of the papal stole means THAT, martyrdom!  Check facts first.  Oh by the way, the Roman Empire did not use stoles.]

3. Uses same old black shoes, not the classic red.  [John Paul used brown.  So?]

4. Uses a metal cross, not of rubies and diamonds. [Because crosses with rubies and diamonds are for choir dresses.  Francis never wore his choir dress.  Better Google it to know what choir dress is.  Duh!] 

5. His papal ring is silver, not gold.  [Uhmm... not this one?  That's Pope Francis hand and finger receiving his ring.  Base metal is silver plated in gold.  Much like Benedict's ring which was plated also in gold.  So????]

6. Uses the same black pants under the cassock, to remember that he is a another priest.  [Same black pants???  Never washes them?  Ha!  Wow!  Black pants are a mark of a priest.  No wonder these guys look odd.  I think are not wearing the standard issued black pants from the diocese, no?]

This one is in khaki, whenever he is not running or whenever he is dragged by the police for causing some trouble

This guy is busy trying desperately so hard to look good he only cares about his jeans and posing with one hand on the floor and an onion-like haircut.

This guy would rather look like your Prosperity Gospel Protestant preacher than be a Catholic priest.  Hey!  He preaches how to be wealthy!  His best proof for the success of his preaching?  himself.

This guy is busy playing with the hosts he needs to wear his play clothes!

This guys are so homey they need to get down and comfy and do whatever they planned to do that day...Hang a stole on your shoulder so people would think you are a priest...then when they believe you, go say the Mass.

Have you discovered the 7th?

7. Removed the red carpet... He is not interested in fame and applause...  [Was he taking a jab against John Paul II instead of Benedict XVI?  I swear he is talking about the Blessed Pope and not Benedict XVI here, and here and here described as shy.  Where in the hell did he get these crap?]

Source: MalayalamNews


So what's the difference of this post to that Facebook post.

The guy who write that probably belonged to the same mold of guys who made this Facebook petition page.

Bum.  Nothing to do.  Didn't even bother to use their intellect to Google.


Nice way to trash not only Benedict, but all the saintly popes before Benedict who wore what Benedict wore.  And they look like they are not impressed.


  1. Dear Sir, you can open this link:

    That is the then Cardinal Bergoglio wearing the Mantle, part of the vesture of Eastern-rite Catholic Bishops. It also has a long train, like the cappa magna. He is also wearing some other Eastern vesments.

    This Benedict XVI-bashing, I assume, is from rabid modernists and liberals. Pope Francis opted to use a wooden chair? Chair of fine sculpting and maybe lined with special fabric. Chose not to wear the Papal stole? NO.

  2. I do not know why there should be a comparison between the two popes. Both have their own strengths and charisma and are two different people, both good and chosen by the Holy Spirit to lead our Church. I cannot simply understand why some people waste their time making Bendedict XVI look bad. It is such a wrong interpretation of modesty and simplicity/