Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why Opus Dei Archbishop Gomez of LA still allows this travesty???

First impression?

Hybrid Hillsong concert, Baptists Revival with the Episcopalian Liturgy... 

If you have the stomach to watch two hours of this, then go ahead.

Expect "vestal virgins" offering incense...

The weird looking processional cross...

And a singkil way of bringing in "solemnly" the Book of the Gospel...

Maybe they envied what the Vincentians did.

Altar girls...

And ohhhh so much more!!!!!!!!!!

I warned you.

If this is the way our religious educators are educated on how to worship God, then don't be surprised if our Catholic kids will be wondering why we lost our Catholic identity.

Doing nothing against liturgical abuse...

Hmmm...makes you wonder if they are actually addressing any accusation against any other forms of abuse???

And we had high hopes for Archbishop Gomez...



  1. I don't see any Catholic liturgy in the Mass kung tutuusin parang Episcopalian.

    1. No women clergy. This is not Episcopalian.

    2. Even it is not episcopalian... the way they celebrate the Mass is a catastrophy.

  2. Ah,I Think this could be one of the Reasons why I Prefer Una Voce over Opus Dei.